Dog Beds: Picking The Right Ones

Yes, you read right; dogs have beds too, and comfy ones at that. They can be simple, fancy, homemade, and take various forms. Your dog deserves comfort just as much as you do. Hence, it is essential to select a bed for your dog carefully. The above is even though your dog is allowed to sleep on your bed or in its crate.

A pup’s bed offers it a sense of security and can serve as a safe space for quiet times and relaxation. The chances of the bed becoming the favorite spot for your pet is very high, especially if your dog loves to curl up. Unlike other pet products, the bed offers a different comfort level for your pet, and it is pretty easy to train your pet on how to use one.

This article discusses custom dog beds by highlighting their types, function, and benefits. It sheds light on the importance of prioritizing your dog’s health and comfort by acquiring materials such as dog beds.

Why Your Dog Needs Its Bed

Dogs deserve to have a safe space all to themselves where they can relax, play and most importantly, sleep. Though your bed may offer the same comfort level as a dog bed, it will be a great thing to have your dog resting in its area. If you are allergic to animal fur, the dog bed also saves you the stress of changing the sheets anytime you have your dog on.

Moreover, the introduction of beds to your pets at an early age, coupled with consistent training, will keep them off your furniture for a long time. If you are still in doubt as to why investing in a dog bed is necessary, then check out the following reasons:


A quality dog bed offers excellent insulation for your pet, especially during the cold days of winter. Surprisingly, they also protect your dog from the bitter summer heat by providing a cool and favorable atmosphere.

Shed and Dander Control

Most dogs are allergic to their shedding and dander; hence, a house filled with the above will result in an allergy crisis for your pet. Washable dog beds help reduce these allergies as they serve as the primary area for most of their shedding, resulting in an easy cleaning process.

On the other hand, there are many custom dog beds with a reversible surface, allowing for an increased time between washes.

Personal Space and Comfort

As said earlier, a dog bed is the personal space of any trained dog, and it serves as a quiet and comfortable area where your dog can curl up, relax and nap.


Some dogs have special needs due to bone problems, age, sore joints, and others. There exist specific bed types engineered to suit these needs. An example is the orthopedic dog bed explicitly designed to relieve bone pain and soreness.

Protection from Injury and Elements

Dogs love to roll and play, both in the grass and on the couch. However, while it is acceptable to play in the grass, it is not advisable to do so on the sofa to prevent dangerous falls and other mishaps. A dog bed also protects your outdoor-loving dog from natural elements such as the wind, cold and snow, with some even being water repellant. How cool!

How to Choose Your Dog’s Bed?

Dog’s Bed

Choosing your dog’s bed can be tricky, especially when there are great options. However, you can seek recommendations from a veterinarian abreast of your dog’s needs. If you are keen on doing the picking yourself, then here are some factors to consider:

The Price

Our dogs are like our kids – we love them, and we strive to give them the best, even if the best may be a little expensive. However, it is necessary not to go broke while shopping for a dog bed. Numerous calming dog beds are cheap and of good quality; hence, it will be wise to purchase them.

The Fit

An ill-fitting dog bed will be a wasteful investment, incredibly if it is highly-priced. Thus, you should always consider the size of the bed before its purchase, and a perfectly sized bed should be large enough to allow your pet to roll and stretch in it.


The bed should be comfortable and free of hazardous materials like pins, giant buttons which the pet can choke on, entangling ropes and other obstructive objects. If possible, purchase a “chew-proof”, especially if your dog is a chewer.

Wash Ability

Your dog’s bed will eventually get dirty, and cleaning becomes necessary. If the bed comprises solid and thick materials, washing becomes stressful and sometimes impossible. Thus, it would be best to consider the washability of the bed. Do well to purchase beds made of lighter materials to make washing easy.


This consideration is two-faced; the first is on the effect of the constituent materials on the environment, and the other focuses on the environment’s impact on the constituents. Some beds contain non-eco-friendly materials, which may hurt the environment. In contrast, others may contain substances not resistant to atmospheric factors, such as heat and water.


The stuffing varies across different custom dog beds; while some are inexpensive foam filling, others may contain thick flexible gel. Your choice of bed stuffing depends on your dog’s age and medical condition, as older and arthritic dogs usually do well with thicker foam stuffing.

Types of Dog Beds

There are various types of custom dog beds, just as there are different human beds. Your selection depends on several factors, which include but are not limited to your taste, budget, décor and your dog’s preference. The following are common dog bed types:

  • Snuggle beds
  • Flat pads
  • Bolsters
  • Orthopedic beds
  • Travel beds
  • Homemade beds
  • Luxury dog beds
  • Cot style beds etc.

For clever ways to incorporate your pet area into your décor, kindly read this article.

The Time Is Now

You may have wondered for a long time if there is a need to buy a bed for your dog, and I am sure that this article has provided you with enough reasons to get one. If you’ve decided to give your pup a fluffy surprise, then visit a reputable dog bed store today to get your dog bed.

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