Does the interior design of your workplace influence your morale?

The interior design of a workplace has a bigger effect on employees than you may realise. Interior designers warn that colours, furniture placement, clutter and more is linked to psychological wellbeing and should therefore be carefully considered. In the office it is often more important to create an up-beat, but calm environment, that inspires employees and at the same time provides a comfortable space that makes everyone feel relaxed.

Good office design improves performance.

A study by flexiform showed that 65% of workers revealed that a more comfortable office would give them an incentive to improve their work habits. When asked how a poorly designed office impacts their performance, 25% stated that it would have a negative impact. A significant number of participants in the study (33%) were even downright embarrassed by their offices, which made them reluctant to invite clients. The same number of employees said that the interior design of an office space would influence their decision to accept an offer to work for the company.

Why does good interior design matter?

You may be thinking: An office is an office and mainly needs a few desks, chairs and good computers. But there is a lot more to the interior of an office.

Tip: While it can be hard to know what to focus on when setting up a new office, remember that you don’t need to plan everything yourself. Consulting an expert when designing an office space can help make this process easier. People who are specialised in interior design work with the best Trade interior suppliers, will know exactly what is important and what will work specifically for your company and space.

– Your employees will appreciate good interior design choices

Spending 8+ hours at our desks each day can sometimes be quite stressful. Being surrounded by clutter or working in a crammed environment can make our jobs even more difficult to deal with on a daily basis. While ergonomic chairs and good desks go a long way, opening up the space as much as possible can have a positive impact on how content employees are. Light-filled interiors which bring in as much natural light as possible motivate staff. Consider how individuals will be facing each other while working and if there is enough desk space for everyone to feel comfortable. Get feedback from your HR department and set up lounge/eating areas where staff can enjoy a break. Most of all, keep the office space clean and free of clutter.

How much do employees love working in an office?

Since office design is so closely linked to comfort at the workplace, it can contribute to how much employees like working there. Nobody wants to spend many years in uncomfortable environments, which means that the design of the office could influence employee turnover. Keep your employees happy by making choices in their favour and asking them for their feedback.

Office design should reflect your brand

The design of your office should reflect your brand. As a vibrant and modern travel start-up you may choose to decorate your space in bright colours and even paint motivational quotes on office walls to keep everyone inspired. If you are setting up an office as a traditional firm in the finance sector, keeping things neutral could be the way to go.

Don’t save on lighting

Good lighting has an important impact on wellbeing, no matter which design style you end up choosing, and is something worth investing in. Studies show that good lighting can lift your mood while poor lighting can lead to feelings of depression.

Ideally, put quality before quantity in an office space and remember that workers will spend a large portion of their day here. Ask your HR department, interior design experts and employees for advice and/or feedback.

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