Does Lockdown Have to Stop You from Earning?

No, for sure. After all, we don’t live in an ancient world where we have to go out to earn. The advancement of technology has ensured that you can do numerous jobs (of your choice and ability) while you’re sitting on your bed or on the floor leaning against the sofa in toasting heat despite subzero temperature or coronavirus out there. All you need is your PC (or laptop) and an internet connection— and you’re done.

Believe me, I’m writing this article in an entirely homely environment: my little kid is murmuring, and her dad is busy playing one of his instruments. No boss, no office time, no piles of files. It’s all easy and real! I’m earning myself.

Here’s how you can make some additional income online and from home:

Blogging or online business

This is a well-known way of earning money. You can earn well from your blog.

But it’s not that easy. You just start a blog, and you start getting money— that’s the dream that most novices fall for, and shortly afterward, they end up in despair.

You need to go through a series of tasks and gradually become eligible to earn.

In fact, blogging itself has so many branches to choose from. First, you need to spend some time learning and then decide which way you want to go. Then concentrate on the design and finally employ your best time, labor, and intellect. That’s when you can expect to earn in reality.

First, you need to monetize your blog content. You can make the whole setup by the following steps:

  • Make money with WordPress affiliate marketing.
  • Display Google AdSense on WordPress.
  • Get paid to write reviews.
  • Sell sponsored blog posts.
  • Get public speaking gigs as an influencer.
  • Earn money by flipping websites.

A website of directories can be built on WordPress. Here are three steps:

  • Create a paid business directory.
  • Create a WordPress job board with paid submissions.
  • Create a WordPress event calendar with paid submissions.

On WordPress, you can sell digital products. There might be some forms of it:

  • Sell online courses.
  • Sell ebooks on WordPress.
  • Host a paid webinar.

There are various other ways which I’d like to name only:

  • Sell Services Online Using WordPress.
  • Sell Physical Products Online Using WordPress.
  • Become a WordPress Designer or Developer.

Business with Amazon!

Be a part of amazing Amazon, one of the largest online businesses. There are so many sites that can help you do it. For example, click here, and they’ll walk you through all the steps of starting, running, and scaling an FBA business one after another.

Online teaching and tutoring

Many people enjoy teaching and imparting the knowledge they have. The present lockdown situation is an excellent time for them to start earning this way.

There are several sites that you can visit and see which one suits you:

  1. Udemy
  2. Tutorvista
  3. Tutor
  4. Transtutors
  5. Buddyschool

Online writing jobs

Last but not least, in my list is the job that I’m doing right now: writing.

There are many types of writing. You can write articles or edit them. You can write reports or reviews; you can translate, and so on.

All the sites and blogs require quality writers to write for them. Those who have a good command of the English language (well, offers for other languages are available, though far less in number) can write fulfilling the requirement.

Some of the leading sites are:

Strong Whispers

This site is said to be the site of awareness. Anything on lifestyle,  environment, or other social issues can be offered. Those who prefer quality writing on contemporary and global issues can try here.

First, you need to satisfy them by one of your test writing, and if you get their approval, you’re on.

If you’re a humor lover and enjoy writing like that, you may find your best place there. You don’t need any experience.

Wow Women on Writing

Clearly understandable from the title, it’s especially for women. They search out eligible female freelancers and offer opportunities for them. They have got a particular tone of speaking that you can get easily once you read some of their articles.


A real business site, Link-Able matches people who find and those who are experts on ‘writing to the point’— just the thing the employer wants.

Online Surveys

So many companies are there who’re carrying out numerous surveys, and they’re collecting information and insights on various topics of interest from a number of respondents. You can be one of the respondents to take part in the survey and earn money. Some of them are ready to pay you more than $200 a month while watching TV.

Remember, all the sites are free to sign up and use. If any of them asks you to pay, they are most probably a scam.

Some of the survey sites are:


Survey Junkie

Inbox Dollars


American Consumer Opinion

Pinecone Research

Watching Movie Previews & YouTube and Liking Videos

If you watch movies and videos a lot, you can earn just from watching movies, news, previews, celebrity videos, and all kinds of other videos and liking them. They will ask you to watch them for a predefined time, and if you do it, you’re done and ready to receive your payment.

The payments are not made, however, by any direct currency but by something called ‘points’ that can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal.

Getting Money Back Instantly

Yes, you can get back a part of the money that you spent to buy anything from a certain site. You know how much you get back even before you buy it. If you don’t believe it, you can visit the site named Earny and see for yourself.

Installing Apps on Your Smartphone

Why don’t you try downloading some apps and installing them on your smartphone and start earning? Here’s the process:

Nielsen Mobile Panel: There are some people who run Nielsen TV ratings. This app will pay you for using your mobile device.

ShopTracker: First, you need to answer some questions and then download the app on your phone. After having earned $3 instantly, keep using it to earn money each month.

MobileXpression: They offer prizes each week, which you can win.

The Bottom Line

Every person has got some sort of aptitude using which he can earn from the unseen vast and ever-expanding world of the internet. All you need is to show them what you are, and there is no way you can fail to earn money without going out at all.

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