Does HRT Make You Look Younger?

Rethinking the seemingly inevitable

The fountain of youth is one of the most enduring legends within our culture. It’s easy to see why that’s the case. When one is a child, the idea of growing up seems fantastical. For much of our life, every day means that our bodies and minds are becoming stronger. But at a certain point, the reverse begins to occur.

At some point in adult life, our bodies begin to succumb to what we often assume is an inevitable fall. And there’s some truth to the idea that nobody can escape aging. But we should consider whether it’s growing older, that’s actually the problem. It might be better said that what we’re apprehensive about is the symptoms of the physical decline associated with aging. This raises an important question. Can multi-tier medical plans such as HRT slow down or even reverse the aging process?

Starting out with the best of the best

It’s best to examine aging by looking at HRT due to the treatment’s large scope. HRT doesn’t consist of a single component. HRT, or hormone replacement treatment, instead combines multiple hormonal supplements into a singular whole. This makes HRT more of a component of age management services planning than a single treatment. One can see the importance of this by considering why aging takes such a toll on our bodies.

How age relates to hormones

Most people have remarked at some point about being a bit out of sorts due to hormones. What we really mean is that we’re feeling an imbalance of hormone levels, which are known to regulate mood or emotion. These effects are fairly self-evident. But consider how hormones relate to maturity as we move from childhood to adulthood. Testosterone and estrogen both create distinct and extreme changes in a person’s body. However, these two hormones are only a very small selection within a body’s larger whole. It’s simply that the changes they make are among the most obvious.

If these two hormones create such huge changes, then consider how powerful all the hormones in one’s body might be. And now consider one more aspect of hormone levels. Just as hormones create great changes when the levels are high, they can create equally significant changes when lowered.

Aging is, in many ways, a process by which the body gradually reduces many important hormone levels. And the effects of this are often only missed because we don’t usually associate the changes with hormones. Instead, we tend to just explain something like changes in the skin with gravity or time instead of the real hormonal issues. The link between skin and hormones are only one large example, among many others.

Taking control of our hormones

The discussion of aging and hormones would be purely academic if not for advances in modern medicine. It’s now possible for medical professionals to analyze which hormones are too low. Likewise, they can bring those hormones back up to youthful levels with HRT. Hormone replacement therapy has only become available fairly recently. The main reason reaches back to the earlier discussion regarding the number of hormones in our bodies.

Every year that goes by, will change our hormonal balance. And it’s understandably difficult to manage that from a medical perspective. Thankfully medical advances now make hormone levels significantly easier to detect and manage to the point where it’s feasible for almost anyone.

What to expect from HRT

Now that we’ve looked at the link between hormones and aging, we can find a fairly easy answer to the question of whether HRT can make people look younger. HRT essentially acts to either prevent or repair damage to every part of the body impacted by low hormone levels. Low hormone levels impact the skin in a very visible way. And much of what we think of as aging is, in fact, the impact of low hormone levels on skin cells. By restoring youthful hormone levels, we see impacted systems behave in a more youthful way as well. This means that one not only feels but also looks, considerably younger.

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