Do Skylights Add Value to A Home?

Decent lighting is essential in any home. Natural light can make a room bright and warm from the sunlight. Among the best ways to let natural light into your home is by using skylights. Having skylight into your house not only increases the lighting but also upsurges the value of your home.

When bearing in mind the return on investment of fixing skylights, you need to consider various things outside your home’s resale value. Below we look at how skylights may raise the value of your home, as well as the benefits they deliver.

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What Is a Skylight?

A skylight is a transparent sheet fixed on a building’s roof for natural light purposes. You can use skylights both in commercial or domestic buildings due to their numerous merits. Also known as a roof light, skylights expand a house’s indoor beauty and help in energy savings.

Skylights are a good investment for your home. Therefore, ensure you get the best out of them by buying from credible makers and hiring a qualified Lubbock Skylight professional to install them.

Types of Skylights

Understanding the in-built skylight significance starts with knowing the diverse varieties out there on the market. Below are different types of skylights that make the most sense in your home.

Vented Skylights

Vented skylights are a better option for small rooms like kitchens or washrooms that require airflow. Also, the elements can open up and allow in the fresh air.

Fixed Skylights

Most fixed skylights come as fixed windows that sit on your roof at an angle designed to capture light and warmth during the winter season. The units also lessen sun contact during summer. The sizes of skylights depend on your manufacturer, but they can range from 14 to 72 inches.

Solar Skylights

Solar skylights are the most expensive and stylish units. They provide similar basic principles as vented skylights, with a bonus of sensors that signals the venting feature to open or close.

In addition, you can program the solar skylight to open and close at intervals and add rain sensors to stop water damage. You can also find skylights with a solar blind which controls the amount of heat or light to let in.

Tubular Skylights

The little units with a diameter range from 10 to 14 inches are the latest on the market. They are ideal for conveying more natural light and replace electrical lights in your balconies and bedrooms.

The most important thing about tubular skylights is that you can fix them anywhere, provided the place is less than 20 feet between your roof and ceiling. Also, their tiny size makes them less intrusive to your roof design and hardly cause extreme heat loss or gain.

Why Should You Fix Skylights in Your Home?

There are numerous reasons why proprietors opt for skylights. Like many people who love spending a lot of time in their houses, here are just a few reasons why you should install skylights in your building.

Skylights Are Versatile

Like you have already seen, there are distinct types of skylights you can choose from irrespective of the kind of house you have. This means that you can find an alternative that fits your house perfectly where traditional skylights cannot work.


Skylights require fewer materials to install, and this makes them very cost-effective. You can also save on your energy usage when using skylights since they help sink the cooling and warming of your home.

Skylights Are Easy to Install

Skylights are very easy to put up whereby an expert can fix them in a few hours. You will hardly need to temporarily move out of your house during the installation period since all it commonly needs is some roof cutting and average fixing work.

Advantages of Installing Skylights in Your Home

Skylights have become a crucial part of a building whereby you can get them in residential houses, industries, and commercial buildings. Below are a few merits of having a skylight in your building.

Reduce Ailments

Natural light also reduces symptoms related to anxiety and depression. Therefore, permit as much natural light as possible to access your building.

Attract Potential Buyers

Most potential home buyers have a positive view of a skylight. This is because most people prefer natural lighting as opposed to artificial lighting. Additionally, some buyers who have had a bad experience in the past may worry about leaks. But, a well-maintained and skillfully installed skylight will offer them nothing but benefits.

Improves The Aesthetics of Your Home

Natural lighting eradicates any oppressive feeling and makes your house look large from the inside. Spacious buildings attract more value and look much more visually pleasing. If your rooms are quite small, adding a skylight can make all the difference.

Better Ventilation

A skylight can help you if your house suffers from poor quality of air. You can open and close your skylight to help provide further ventilation.

Adding a skylight also helps with cross ventilation in smelly rooms, helps to freshen up the air, and helps to cool down your living spaces without using air conditioning.

Privacy Merits

If neighbors surround your home, you may opt for skylights as a way of enjoying daylight in your home without privacy loss. Slider windows, picture windows, and bay windows may look pretty, yet it may not be useful to have them fitted in your building.

With skylights, you can enjoy the added benefit of extra daylight without having to sacrifice privacy.

Final Words

Skylights add equity to a home by improving your building’s design and adding to the low-cost energy intake of the home. You stand to benefit from either room you decide to fix the skylights. If you love a good view, then nothing beats a skylight, whether during the day or night and so will any future owner.

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