Do High security locks provide you the best home/office security

Yes, high security locks provide you better security than an ordinary lock as they are specifically designed for this purpose. They are not easy to unlock without a key. Even if someone tries to do so, they require more time to unlock than an ordinary lock. An ordinary man will find it almost impossible to pick these locks.

Why do you need a high security lock?

Of course to get more security. High security locks are designed in a way that any person will find it difficult to unlock it without a key. They are specially designed to prevent criminals and thieves from entering into your house or your workplace.

You can install them in your restaurants, hospitals, shops, marts, offices, houses and any other place which you think needs extra security.

As with every product, quality increases the price, right. The prices of these high security locks are of course more than an ordinary one. If you really need extra security then they are worth your money.

Are these locks really pick proof?

No, they are not 100% pick proof, in fact no lock is completely pick proof. There is always a way to unlock it without a key and an intellectual and professional lock picker can figure it out. You might be thinking, then what these locks are for? Actually these locks are created on such a pattern that it is really hard for an ordinary person to pick it. Even if someone wants to do, the time required to pick these locks is much longer than an average lock.

7 famous high security lock brands:

Many different companies and brands manufacture high security locks. You can find many in your local area as well, but if you are looking for globally recognized companies then the following list is for you. The names mentioned below are very famous for the quality and security of their locks. They are famous worldwide for their locks which provide better security than ordinary locks. They can be convenient in many more ways as well.

1 Kwikset:

This American company was founded in 1946 and since then this company is providing their locks globally.

2 Mul-T-Lock:

Mul-T-Lock is an Israeli company that not just manufactures but also develops new high security locks. This company is now working under another famous lock manufacturing Swedish company named ASSA ABLOY.

3 Evva:

Another globally recognized company for locks. In addition to manual high quality locks, Evva also provides electric security to their customers

4 Medico:

Medico is also a subsidiary of ASSA ABLOY. This company is situated in the USA. They manufacture as well as innovate new locks that can provide high security to the customers.

5 RR Brink:

RR Brink provides high security mechanical and electrical locks. This lock manufacturing company has moderate to high protection locks to meet your needs.

6 Schlage:

Walter Schlage founded this company that is now working world wide. This American company is highly recognized for their high quality locks.


This Swedish company is providing not just locks but also doors and gates as well. They are innovating different security mechanisms to ensure proper security of their customers.

The quality and price of all these brands is different. The way they have designed their locks are also different.

If you are in Chicago and looking for someone there then don’t worry as commercial locksmiths of Chicago also provide high quality security locks. They are professionals so they also install the locks properly. You can even get locks for your workplace or home that all require the same key to be unlocked. It is convenient for those people who don’t want to handle a lot of keys. You can find many commercial locksmiths in Chicago through google as well.


In conclusion, high security locks are made to provide more security than an ordinary lock. They can be installed anywhere whether it’s your home or work place. However they are not 100 percent pick proof but they are hard to pick for an ordinary person. Moreover the time it takes to pick these high security locks is much more than an ordinary lock.

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