Do Bed Bug Traps Work?

Just the thought of bed bugs can make one skin itch and make them want to burn their mattresses. If you have a bad experience with bed bugs in your home, you may be looking for ways to get rid of them. One of the methods that most people opt for is a bed bug trap. Now, the question remains if they work.

Traps are proven to be a solution for catching various house pests. When it comes to bed bugs, the traps do work, but there are some downsides as well. These pesky critters are not so easy to remove, but Olympia bedbug control can facilitate the process for you.

Do bed bug traps work?

In short, yes, bed bug traps can help you catch the blood-sucking bugs and provide some relief. These traps can catch quite a handful of them. Even professional exterminators in Olympia suggest keeping traps in your house to watch for pest activity. However, they are not the long-term solution you are looking for.

Bed bug traps have their drawbacks. You should consider using them to see if there are bed bugs in your house. If it catches some, then you need to opt for a more robust action to eliminate them from your house.

One important thing to note is that bed bug traps won’t be of any use in a house with an infestation. This is because the traps can stop the bugs from climbing on your bed but won’t catch those already living on your mattress.

Benefits of using bed bug traps

Here are some benefits of using bed bug traps:

They can reduce the number of bites to an extent.

You can prevent bugs without the use of pesticides.

Traps made of plastic can be used for life. Thus, it is a cost-effective option.

You can monitor your house for serious infestations.

Downsides of using bed bug traps

While they can be useful in certain settings, the downsides cannot be ignored. Here are some disadvantages of using bed bug traps that you should know about before buying them.

They cannot catch bugs from your mattress but only from the floor.

You will need to replace the glue or adhesive in the traps regularly.

Since they do not use pesticides, traps do not repel bugs from entering your house.

Traps cannot prevent an infestation.

Tips for effectively using bed bug traps

While they are less effective than pest control services, they catch a few bugs here and there. Here are some tips for using them.

Put one trap on each of your bedposts.

Do not use them if your pets, as it attracts animals too.

Do not add pesticides to these traps as they are harmful to you.

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