Dino Tomasetti Jnr – What to do if Planning Permission is Rejected

Planning permission s a necessity if you are looking to build a new structure on your land, if you are looking at adding on to your property or if you are looking to build your very own place. In most cases there are no issues here, you will apply for permission, have it approved and then get started with the work. In some cases however planning permission can be rejected. To understand what to do if that happens, we caught up with land developer Dino Tomassetti Jr, and here are the key takeaways from that chat.

Why You Could Get Rejected

First we are going to take a look at some of the reasons why you may be rejected, this of course will be important as to how you can remedy the problem.

  • If your building design will block someone’s view
  • If you will be infringing the privacy of a neighbor
  • If you have a listed building
  • If your property is design in an out of character style for the region
  • If you will be harming the wildlife eco-system
  • If you are taking down protected trees
  • If your property will impact the road network

Can You Apply Again?

If you have applied for planning permission and then it got rejected then you can most certainly reapply. What you will have to do of course is to take the feedback which you have been given on board, and then make changes which will help you to get accepted next time.

Making Changes

You may not always be  able to make changes to the design proposal in order to reapply, for example if you have a listed building then there is usually very little which can be done. With regards to the rest of the issues which could cause you to get rejected, you will have to go back to the architect and readdress your designs. Taking into consideration the reason for being rejected, you will then have to come up with smarter plans.

Speaking With Neighbors

Sometimes you will have an application rejected because one or a number of your neighbors decided to contest the permission. If this is the case then it could be a very good idea to go and speak toothsome neighbors about what concerns they have for your plans. Following this you could then reach an agreement with them or at the very least you will have a better idea of how to plan in a way which appeases your neighbors. Ultimately it is always a better idea to have a good relationship with your neighbors than a bad one, and even if you are disgruntled that they have blocked your proposal, having a chat and clearing the air will be the right thing to do.

Planning permission can be tough and if you do have plans to do some work, it will always be better to design it with the regulations and neighbors in mind.

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