Diamonds Are Forever: The Many Different Cuts of Diamonds

Searching for the perfect diamond but not quite sure what your personal style is? Consider the many different cuts of diamonds when choosing.

Searching for the perfect diamond but not quite sure where to start? When it comes to the cuts of diamonds, you have a lot to choose from!

To the untrained eye, every diamond might look the same. But the truth is that diamond cuts can create an entirely different effect. Continue reading to learn more about all of these brilliant options.

Cut vs. Shape

Don’t get a diamond’s cut confused with its shape. These terms are sometimes mixed up. The difference between a diamond’s cut versus its shape is that the shape of the stone is referring to how it looks.

Whereas the cut of the diamond refers to its ability to reflect light. It can include the shape, but also refers to its style and design.


A diamond will be graded on its reflections which are affected by the proportions, symmetry, and number of angles. One that reflects as much light as possible is considered ideal. While a diamond that is considered poor will lose most of its light out of the bottom of the diamond.


The round cut diamond is still the most popular and timeless shape. This may be because it is the most optimum for reflecting light. They are very impressive to look at because of their sparkle!

Oval shaped diamonds are a modified brilliant-cut. They are similar to the round cut in their ability to reflect light well. The elongated shape gives the illusion of being larger.


The rectangular shape can come in princess, emerald, Asscher, or radiant cut. Like the round cut, the princess is known for reflecting light well. This is probably why it is the second most popular diamond cut.

The emerald cut has unique step cuts on its pavilion. This creates an impressive hall-of-mirrors effect. This is one of the more sophisticated diamond cuts. You can learn more about this particular cut here.

Square or Cushion

The varieties of the square-cut also include the cushion cut which has rounded corners. This type of cut has been around for over 200 years! It’s a classic shape that is still popular to this day. It is also a great choice for accenting other fancy cuts.


The heart-shaped diamond is a romantic choice for your ring. When choosing a heart-shaped diamond, make sure you determine the quality of the curved cut. This can affect the sparkle of the stone. It takes a talented jeweler to make this cut look especially beautiful.


A pear-shaped cut is round on one end with a point on the other. Make sure you find one that has excellent symmetry. The point should line up with the apex of the round end perfectly.


This shape is similar to an elongated oval with points on either end. It also gives the illusion of being larger and has one of the biggest table surface areas of any cut. It typically comes in a modified brilliant-cut similar to the round cut.

Cuts of Diamonds

When it comes to choosing the right diamond for your jewelry it can depend on what setting you are interested in. Cuts of diamonds that work better as a solitaire stone are usually asymmetrical cuts such as pear or heart.

Whereas princess, round, oval, marquis, or cushion shapes work well as the centerpiece for a multi-stone ring.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about the different diamond cuts. Now you’re ready to find the perfect cut for you or someone you love.

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