From couples for couples – how two jewellery power couples provide bespoke diamond rings at Ovadia Boutique in Hatton Garden

Something very special is happening in the London’s renowned Jewelry Quarter Hatton Garden!

Two dream husband and wife jewellery teams have decided to merge their superpowers to deliver their customers an even better jewellery shopping experience.

The owners of renowned jewellery shop Ovadia, Hannah and Ben, who have recently celebrated their 4th anniversary – not as a married couple, but as the proud shop owners of Ovadia – will be selling selected and bespoke diamond rings provided by another established jewelers called Ungar & Ungar.

What’s special about this collaboration?

Ungar and Ungar husband and wife team Ruth and Bernard have been designing and creating timeless diamond jewellery pieces for over ten years and Bernard Ungar’s family have been part of the jewelry trade for five generations.

Both teams share a passion for distinctive items of jewelry, which are individually created with diligent craftsmanship. They ensure they’re only using highest quality diamonds by sourcing approved suppliers. The GIA endorsed diamonds are part of their collection used to make unblemished handcraft pieces. However, their true specialty are bespoke diamond rings.

Uniting the best jewellery designer skills at Ovadia

They help the clients design their own wedding or engagement ring. Their experienced craftsmen create the beautiful rings of diamonds for life’s most special events. At Ungar & Ungar the designers also create beautifully handcrafted cocktail rings with stunning gemstones.

The beauty of this merger is that you will be able to access a huge variety of design choices for various tastes. Ungar & Ungar provide mounts with a solitaire diamond or without the central diamond, depending on the customer’s stone of choice.

Ovadia in return offer different types of precious loose diamonds that are different in color, clarity and, size to suit any customer’s needs and wishes. Their experienced craftsman create dazzling and beautiful diamonds combined with the unique ring designs by Ungar & Ungar can make your bespoke engagement or wedding rings truly special. To add a peculiar touch, they happily engrave your symbol of love in the bespoke rings you’re having made.

With the help of Ovadia’s 3D sketchbooks, you select the style of your ideal custom-made diamond ring. Ovadia’s experienced craftsmen turn these ideas into the paragon you have always dreamt of.

Unity also for the LGBTQ+ community

Because Ovadia and Ungar & Ungar are run by couples, they particularly believe that the revelry of love should not be hindered by discrimination. That’s why when you reached this platform, you can believe that they will do anything in their power to make your masterpiece as unique as your true intimacy to each other. So they have added a collection of ring designs for same sex couples or gays aiming to fix the bond.

All their customers find choosing an engagement or wedding ring or any diamond jewelry challenging due to the many different factors to consider, especially when you opt for a bespoke diamond ring. Ovadia jewellery’s friendly team of diamond experts are by your side along your journey to create your dream engagement or wedding ring. They support you with ring size measuring, identifying your ideal gemstones and metals and shaping the diamond ring in your preferred style.

Find the best value diamond ring with Ovadia and Ungar & Ungar

See for yourself why Ovadia Jewellery have built a reputation as “The Masters of Loose Diamonds” and check their website and blog with useful tips and tricks for your diamond ring hunt.

Because Ungar & Ungar are masters with bespoke jewelry designs, who let the customer decide how to mix and match pieces from their collection, they add value to Ovadia’s customer experience, offering more precious metals and gems to choose from.

With this collaboration Ovadia owners Hannah and Ben hope to provide a more versatile collection of beautiful wedding rings and engagement rings. As for many years they have dealt many couples, in a search of the ideal jeweler to mirror their deep love for each other. Just because Ovadia jewellery want to become the most reliable and famous shop for the best diamond ring collection.

Come and see the new and old diamond ring range at their Ovadia jewellery shop in Hatton Garden and get ideas for your own unique jewelry piece.

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