Diamond Ring Designs that You Will Love

We all know that diamond rings are often associated with romance. Do you know the fact that the ancient Romans believed that diamonds were tipped in the arrows of cupid? In the middle ages, diamonds were considered to have healing powers that could cure any form of illness including mental illness. Another interesting fact about diamonds is that 65% of the world’s diamonds were mined in South Africa. Most of the diamonds that we buy today have been formed beneath the Earth’s surface billions of years ago. Isn’t that amazing! Such is the value of diamonds and they have a deeper origin.

It is good to be aware of various diamond ring designs to choose a perfect one that will suit you. Here are some diamond ring designs that you might fall in love with:

  • Solitaire diamond rings of low set

This type of diamond ring design is suitable for people who have a busy lifestyle. This is called ‘low set’ because the diamond in the ring sits low below which is closer to the band. This is advantageous for active people because the diamonds won’t get caught on your clothes, hair, etc. keeping it safe from getting scratched.

  • Solitaire diamond rings of tension set

Tension set diamond rings look very unique because the pattern allows exhibiting most of the diamond which gives you a visual treat. The pattern as such holds the diamond in its place by the pressure from the ring’s band. This can be an amazing diamond ring for girls.

  • Halo diamond rings

These types of designs are wonderful for people who love luxury. Halo rings have a diamond in the center, which is surrounded by small diamonds creating a ‘halo effect’. The ring has different shapes like pear, circle, cushion cuts, square, etc., in the center. You can choose any shape that best fits your finger.

  • Twist set diamond rings

In a twist set diamond design, the diamond ring is twisted around the band. These types of rings are widely used as engagement rings due to their eye-catchy appearance. This style symbolizes the love and embraces between two lovers. The overall design is said to symbolize infinity. Are you looking out for diamond designs for your engagement? Then, twist set diamond ring designs are a great choice.

  • Trilogy Diamond rings

It is a type of diamond ring with three stones in its design. The ring has three diamond rings around the band which indicate the past, present, and future of a relationship. Trilogy rings have sentiment attached to it. You can gift this ring to someone closer to your heart. You can customize your trilogy diamond ring with other gem stones as well.

Beauty, rare, precious, timelessness are often synonymous when it comes to diamonds. Diamonds are a symbol of love and power. It has become a trend to celebrate the great milestone of life with diamonds. There are plenty of lovely diamond designs available in the market, but it is important to buy them from the trusted jewelers.

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