If you sit on one of Venice’s many banks during sunset, you will witness a magnificent play of light: the sunset will reflect off the surface of the water, immersing you in a romantic and serene atmosphere. Even among the various canals one can find reflections if there is the right light: the buildings, with their typical Venetian style, are reflected in the water as if they were looking at themselves, or as if they were the Venetian ladies of yesteryear, who admired themselves in the mirror while their assistants helped them dress in the most beautiful garments they had. These are the sensations that Venice makes you feel, and everywhere you can find plenty of them, just admire in silence the majesty as well as the small details -that only a careful eye can detect- and become one with the city.

The glass masters are inspired by the games and reflections that the light creates on the Venetian surfaces, so much so that even Marcel Proust in Albertine Disparue talked about it. He wrote that the street – the Grand Canal – was of a sapphire color, of such an intense color that his eyes could close and that he could rest his gaze on that surface and make them float. It is precisely in Venice that the art of the mirror develops and is still a Made in Italy excellence. Their production dates back to the end of 1300, a period in which they were classified as luxury items. The great talent of the Glass Masters, who reinterpret the techniques of their ancestors, allow the creation of mirrors that differ in their style and shape.

At Yourmurano you will realize all the mastery of our glass craftsmen. In the Decorative Glass Mirrors section, each mirror has its own peculiarities; they will give a touch of luxury and elegance in your room, according to your preferences. Check out all the countless options available in the catalogue Decorative Glass Mirrors, you will find the perfect mirror tailored to your taste. Modern and minimal mirrors, mirrors with detailed decorations, red or multicolored, oval or rectangular mirrors; all handmade, which makes them pieces of furniture that cannot be replicated. Once the product is delivered to your house, you will notice the trademark “Glass Artistico® Murano” that confirm that the piece of art was created by one of our furnaces and by our skilled craftsmen.

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