Decorating Small Spaces: 9 Chic Tips from the Experts!

Nowadays, finding a bigger and most desirable house is very difficult. Every house has some good points and some bad points, and finding the perfect house will take you a lifetime. So it is advisable to buy a smaller house and live happily for the rest of your life. if you think that buying a smaller house will look too much cheap for you, then the best thing to do is decorate it by following these wondrous tips, I am sure that these tips will work like a charm on your house.

Let the Light Shine

If your house has access to natural sunlight, do not block it by dark curtains or shades, open the curtains and let the light pour in. When the light fills the room, the room looks quite bigger than before, and it also gives a pleasant feeling. If you feel that curtains look good, then try the ones with semi-sheer shades.

Be limitless with the Limits

Never overthink that decorating a small-scaled house will make it look too outlandish. Play with the limits, decorate it with what you like, nothing looks ugly until you don’t like it. Try different colors, different patterns, different styles, etc. Make it look royal or make it look simple, remember, everything is in your hands.

Go with Large Rugs

A larger rug is the best trick to make a room look bigger. A larger rug doesn’t break up the floor, and it also helps you giving a staple piece to design the rest of the room. I am sure that your guests would love walking on the soft rug, rather than on the hard floor.

The Coziness

Inviting your guests to a small and decorated room gives a cozy and pleasurable environment for them. Keep things a bit closer and make space look bigger. A soft rug with a soft sofa is the best combination. If you think that your bigger house doesn’t give as much coziness as the smaller houses, buying a smaller house should be the best decision. However, in Windermere FL real estate agents are easily located, whilst in some other countries, it would take ample of time to find the best one. So if you are convinced to buy a new small and cozy house, go search for one as soon as possible.

Dark Paints

Dark, yet glossy walls give ancient time’s vibes, and it even looks modern. Mostly bigger houses couldn’t adopt glossy walls, as the color makes their room congested and creepy, but in the case of smaller houses, the dark walls would change the appearance of the house. If you paint your ceilings with the same color as your walls, then you could have a greater percentage of chance to choose brighter furniture. So get ready to turn your house into a jewel box.

High Ceilings Are a Blessing too

Having a less surface space is not too bad until you have high ceilings. Take advantage of those and place long windows with long curtains, on a remarkable wallpaper. When the curtains drop from the ceiling, they give a feeling of bigger rooms, which is just the thing you need. Try basic textures and patterns to the curtains, bold design makes the room look very bright, and it doesn’t give a professional look.

Add Ottomans

When you have a smaller house, then your living room has to perform several duties simultaneously when some guests visit your place. An ottoman is the most commonly used piece of furniture for these types of situations. Make the ottoman a coffee table if some formal guests are visiting, or use it as extra seating when you have a large number of guests, or else use it as a footrest whenever you need it. So an ottoman in any house is a must.

Give Some Space

Many people try to push their furniture against the walls, though it looks good, but it doesn’t give a professional look. So try to have some space between your furniture and the wall. This technique not only gives an expert look, but it also makes your room look a bit bigger.


Everyone likes to display artwork on their walls. Even if you have a small house, you could still add some artistic works to your wall and make the room look bigger. Adding paintings, or sketches, or collages, or photos, etc. on the higher side of the wall, which is near to the ceiling, will make the room look bigger and quite colorful and artistic too.

By going through these tips, you would have felt that having a smaller house is not a curse at all. The only thing you need to do is explore the creative side of yourself, and apply it!

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