Décor Styles Impact That Impacts Your Home’s Property Value

Many of us are prioritised with what our homes look like, as the average of 448k monthly Google searches relating to different interior design styles can attest. It’s a similar scenario when we’re selling them as our interiors can most definitely have the final say on the closing price we receive.

Fitted furniture specialists Hammonds surveyed 2,000 adults to see just how much of a factor our chosen interior design plays in house hunting. Surprisingly, two out of five (40%) of Brits say that finding a property that is decorated in a way they like is a top priority. Even more surprising is that this was more important to men (46%) than it was to women (36%).

Some interior design styles were proved to be more desirable than others, proving that first impressions do indeed count for many of us.


Clean lines. White tones. Absolutely no clutter. The minimalist aesthetic has taken the world by storm and surrounds the concept of living a life of simplicity. It’s all about stripping away excess, being intentional with how you decorate, and surrounding yourself with the items you need, use and love. Living with less means a lot of repurposing what you already have and concealing clutter.

This interior is the most popular style on TikTok, boasting 327.5 million views and being a favourite amongst buyers of all ages. One in ten (11%) Brits surveyed claimed they would offer up to £5k above the asking price, with 2% of 18 to 24-year-olds going as high as £10k.


On the complete other end of the spectrum, maximalism embraces bold colours, patterns and extreme layering to create a space that celebrates excess. You can fill your space with all the things that bring you joy to transform your home into a playful and stimulating haven.

It’s not just chucking anything you want into a room though. Getting maximalism just right is all about balance and it can backfire if you don’t do your research. In fact, 32% of house hunters said they would offer below the asking price for a house decorated in a maximalist style.


This interior style is all about bringing a simpler and cleaner aesthetic to your space and is split into two disciplines: classic and modern. Classic farmhouses are more inclined to incorporate vintage furniture, traditional patterns, and materials such as plaid, unlacquered brass, and exposed brick. Contemporary versions will use clean lines, neutral colours and modern finishes.

This design has amassed more than 260.9 million views on TikTok and has risen in popularity over the recent years. It offers a bit more character than minimalism so it is no surprise that over a third (34%) of buyers claimed they would offer above the asking price for this home design.

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