Dainty Baguette Engagement Rings That Will Blow You Away

Ergonomic designs are being preferred these days in everything. The reason is quite simple, efficiency and convenience based on practicality. Is it possible to find this in engagement rings? Of course! Here we’re going to tell you about dainty baguette engagement rings that will simply blow your mind.

It’s quite understandable that when you get engaged, you would love to show off a nice flashy engagement ring with a huge diamond or some precious gemstone. But, what would you do when you have to wear that ring to the office or when you resume your daily chores? Won’t that be uncomfortable? Definitely, it would be. That is where a dainty baguette engagement ring would be a savior for you. Now, a valid question that may come to your mind, why baguette? Answer is again efficiency and convenience. You will understand this when you have a close look at the rings, we’ve sorted for you.

By the way, these beautiful rings that you’re going to see have been brought to reality by BuyArtJewels, a trusted brand name in minimalistic jewelry. It’s your ideal destination to shop dainty wedding bands, earrings, bracelets and more because of their offerings combined with their state of the art service and customization. To know more about this amazing online store, visit their website. Coming back to the collection of dainty baguette rings, here you go!

Aura Baguette Diamond Ring

Aura Baguette Diamond Ring

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Isn’t this a classy baguette diamond ring? A baguette cut diamond in the middle with a round cut diamond on either side, makes it a dainty beauty. This baguette diamond ring is made in solid 14k gold and is available in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold variants.

Baguette Blue Sapphire Ring

Baguette Blue Sapphire Ring

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Blue sapphire and diamond make a killer combination! This amazingly beautiful baguette engagement ring is embedded with a brilliant baguette blue sapphire in the middle with micro pave diamonds on the sides. This ring is also made in solid 14k gold and is available in 3 gold variants.

Unique Baguette Diamond Ring

Unique Baguette Diamond Ring

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Nice and solid! That’s what this baguette diamond ring is all about. With a baguette cut diamond nicely embedded in a horizontal setting, this baguette engagement ring is ‘simply’ beautiful. It’s made in solid 14k gold and available in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold variants.

Towards the End…

Hope you were impressed by these baguette engagement rings. The prices of these rings will pleasantly surprise you. Besides being affordable, they come with a certificate of authenticity. How about getting it engraved for free? Yes, you get free engraving up to 20 characters at BuyArtJewels. So, go ahead and cherish your ring for the entire life. Besides this, you can also get your ring customized. Say, you wish to replace the baguette blue sapphire with some other gemstone, or you wish to replace the diamond, at BuyArtJewels you get this done.

Besides this, you can also get your ring resized for free. These several reasons make BuyArtJewels the preferred online store for shopping minimalistic jewelry. They have amazing collections of diamond hoops and huggies as well. Do check them out on their website.

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