Custom Embroidered Patches Take Uniforms To The Next Level

When to choose the embroidery technique?

If you are looking for personalized garments with an exclusive and very professional touch, this is the perfect technique. The online market makes embroidered uniforms for companies, sports clubs, universities and more. They work with threads of the highest quality so that your garments look up to your brand. Embroidery is perfect for simple logos, letters and numbers.

Perfect for Sports Clubs, Universities, Companies and more

Due to its high quality and resistance, embroidery is undoubtedly the preferred technique for sports clubs, universities and companies that have a uniform work requirement for their employees. The market embroiders t-shirts, polos, caps, sweatshirts, jackets and more with your logo or design. Ask for a quote now for customized patches no minimum quantity.

Classic Embroidery, 3D and Embroidered Patches

We embroider your garments using the latest technology machinery. We offer classic embroidery (embroider directly on the garment) to personalize polo shirts, fleeces, shirts and sweatshirts. Also embroidered patches for your sports club, as these are perfect for thick or waterproof garments like vests, sweatshirts, caps and more. We also embroider caps in 3D.

Embroidered patches clothes

Customize your clothes with our high-quality embroidered iron-on patches at a very cheap price to sew or iron on leather vests and jackets, on jeans and denim shirts, caps, backpacks. You will find biker patches, rockabilly patches, patches in the shape of colourful Mexican style sugar skulls, Route 66, flag patches, country line dance or motorcycle brands, both small and large size espalier perfect for groups who want to dress the same.

Online store of iron-on patches for clothing

Browse through our catalogue of adhesive patches or stickers for embroidered clothes and find the one that best suits your way of dressing. Whether you are a rocker, biker or Catalan style line dance, online stores will help you complement your biker, rockabilly or country style! Our patches are easily fixed on leather or any fabric that can be ironed on: You simply have to put the patch on the garment, cover it with a piece of fine fabric to protect it and apply the heat of the iron for a few seconds so that the thermal adhesive material acts and fixes the patch. All the iron patches that we sell can also be sewn to offer an even greater fixation, although it is not strictly necessary and is that even if you wash the garment or it gets wet, the patches will remain well attached for a long time.

Embroidered patches to customize your cowboy clothes!

A denim jacket with patches will be the perfect complement for your biker or casual look, now for just 3 Euros you can get your new patch for the jacket or vest and make them even more special and unique. With the extensive catalogue of patches available for sale online, you will be able to customize your garments, backpacks or caps in the easiest and most economical way to adapt them to your liking.

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