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For Forex and CFD brokers searching for trading platforms, cTrader can prove to be an excellent solution. This comprehensive trading platform is run by a London-based company and offers a wide range of features. In addition, all possible investment opportunities are available for Forex brokers and traders to utilize!

cTrader is the leading platform among ECN brokers due to its clean and custom design. Initially, this platform was launched with FxPro, which helped it reach a large number of ECN brokers. Now, cTrader is considered one of the most successful multi-asset trading platforms that offer its users excellent charting tools, fast trade execution, and several other remarkable features, including the ‘depth of market.’

Other than the use of great technology, this trading platform offers one advantage: its availability over multiple devices. This means that cTrader provides its users a web version of the trading platform as well as a highly functioning mobile application.

Main Features for Forex and CFD Brokers

cTrader certainly has an advantage over other trading platforms because it is very user-friendly. This means that it has a simple, uncluttered interface; even new users can navigate their way around this trading platform with ease. Although cTrader offers a variety of features to improve the trading experience for its users, there are two main features that steal the spotlight: charting and trade execution.

Charting tools

This trading platform has very easy-to-use charting tools. Users can select from three types of chart modes that include single-chart, multi-chart, and free-chart modes. If you prefer to view multiple charts stacked next to each other, you can select multi-chart. For users who prefer a cleaner layout, they can go with the single-cart mode. There is an option to switch between different charts as well while working on a single chart at one time.


Now, most trading platforms have charting tools that offer 1, 5, and 15-minute timeframes. However, users have significantly flexible time frame options when using the charting tools provided by cTrader. Other than 45, 20, and 10-minute timeframes, you can find even more flexible timeframes that go even beyond monthly views!

Color scheme

Again, the color scheme of the charting tools is very flexible. In case a user is uncomfortable with the default red and green bar charts, they can customize the color of the bars as well as the background color. Once you set your color scheme, it does not switch back to the default setting even if you close the website.


Indicators are a helpful charting feature which is why cTrader provides a wide variety of indicators. These 50 indicators are categorized on the basis of Volatility, Trend, Volume, and Oscillator. Since a lot of traders require specific indicators, the long list of available indicators proves to be quite advantageous.

Trade Execution

Smooth trade execution is the most remarkable feature of cTrader. As soon as you open the platform, you will notice a section on the left that contains all of the available currency pairs. In addition, two vertical columns titled ‘Bid’ and ‘Ask’ are mentioned in front of each currency pair. Once the user clicks on a specific pair they are interested in, it will extend to reveal further information. Then, the user can place an order on the spot.

Just one click on the ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ button enables users to place their order instantaneously. Moreover, after order placement, the user can view complete order details as well. This is why the Trade Execution feature of cTrader holds its reputation for being very smooth and fast.

Additional Features

Some additional features offered by this trading platform helps it excel more than the other platforms in the market.

Trading sessions is one such feature that alerts the users of any real market financial centers that are open at that time.

Depth of market’is another great feature that informs the traders how much instrument is being offered for a specific buying or selling price as they place their real market order.

Proxy connectivityis a fantastic feature that can be used by such traders who are facing a public firewall.

Web and Mobile Version of cTrader

The web version of this trading platform can be accessed by any user from all around the world through one of the popular browsers. This platform can be used by traders using their desktop computers, and there is no need for installation. Moreover, cTrader is supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

A mobile application version of cTrader known as Native cTrader can be installed on Android and Apple phones. It would be best if you used Google Play Store or Apple Store. Other than desktop computers and mobile phones, the cTrader application also runs on tablets. This is very convenient for traders to engage in real market trading anywhere and at any time of the day.

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