Critical Signs Showing You are Addicted to Mobile Gaming

Think about the first time you played a mobile video game. For the younger population, it might be Minecraft or Fortnite, and Farmville for the older ones. No one ever thinks they can be addicted to mobile gaming with their first experience. According to a study, over 70% of American teens are addicted to social media and mobile gaming.

“Mobile gaming has evolved tremendously throughout the years. Nowadays, games are sometimes so well-developed that it becomes really hard for some people not to play. Such people miss the signs indicating they are addicted to mobile gaming,” says the market researcher for Gitnux.

Preoccupying Your Mind with Mobile Gaming

Constantly thinking about a game you previously played or one you plan to play is among the most common signs of addiction. Most mobile gaming addicts confess to only thinking about gaming throughout the day, hence the tendency to spend most of their hours playing. Before they realize it, gaming takes over as their main pastime, and everything else fades into insignificance.

Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms

Unlike desktop or screen gaming, mobile gaming can be done anywhere. Whether in the car, walking down the street or seated at a park, the gaming proceeds as long as you have your mobile device. This makes it easy to become an addict. When the mobile device is out of power or unavailable for one reason or another, the addict experiences irritability, boredom, anxiety, or sadness. Such are withdrawal symptoms and may be experienced differently depending on each individual.

Losing Interest in Other Hobbies

Mobile gaming addicts often lose interest in things they previously enjoyed, such as biking, reading, or writing. They only find joy in gaming or activities related to it. As published by the world financial review, they may find means to make money through playing mobile games. While the addicts may convince themselves that this is their way of bringing food to the table, most of them no longer find interest in other activities and would rather play mobile games to earn money.

Continuing to Play Despite Negative Impact

The internet has plenty of information about the effects of mobile gaming addiction. Even with such knowledge, addicts will continue playing as if they had never heard of the effects. Such people may even tend to lie to psychologists, therapists, and family members about their gaming situation. They want to cover the fact that they are ignoring advice from experts.

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