Crimes And Claims Explained In Detail: West Palm Beach, Florida

Have you ever contemplated filing a case against an individual or an institution? What stopped you from doing that? Well, if you have not given it a thought, then we are here to guide you! 

Support, guidance, knowledge, and experience are the key obstructions in your way. And these are also the only tools that will pave the way. That is to say, with the right guidance, sturdy support, immense knowledge, and expertise, you would be able to fight and win. It does not matter if you are a permanent resident of a country or an outsider. You possess the same basic human rights as the others.

Luckily, if you happen to live in the most enticing city of Florida, that is West Palm Beach. You should know your basic human rights. Whereas, if you are an outsider or a temporary resident, even then, you are eligible for the former. In addition to that, you should be able to fight against any malpractice that has happened to you. And for your ease of knowledge, we have winnowed down the situations and conflicts on which you can file a case while residing in West Palm Beach.

Case Types And Solutions

Well, if you have had any bad luck, of any crime or malpractice against you. And if you do not know whether you can file a case or not, then you should go through this section diligently!

1. Medical Malpractice: Ever Happened?

Doctors are lifesavers. We all trust them with a blindfold on our eyes. That is to say, none of us can ever think of any harm done by them. But there are many instances of medical malpractices that are on the contrary. If you have been a victim of such a heinous crime, then this West Palm Beach Medical Malpractice Lawyer has come to your aid.

 The factors that are counted as medical malpractice are

  •  the late diagnosis of a disease
  •  lack of diagnosis
  •  birth injury
  •  surgical error etc.

All these factors are critical and minor negligence can result in serious health problems and lifelong injuries. But, unfortunately, medical malpractice claims are complicated to prove, and there are many things to take care of like gathering the evidence, investigating, consulting experts, and taking additional steps to build a strong case. That’s why it’s vital to have an experienced lawyer by your side to help you in this situation who can handle everything for you—in addition, hiring an experienced Malpractice Lawyer increases charges for winning or claiming your damages.  

2. Nursing Home Abuse: Punishable!

Nursing home abuse is something that comes under the category of personal abuse. Unfortunately, it is a common type of crime in the United States and West Palm Beach. However, owing to the aforementioned reason, this crime has been declared a punishable crime by law.

 It is actually considered a crime because after facing physical or mental abuse at a nursing home, one can get traumatized and ill for the rest of their life. The factors on which nursing homes can be held accountable are set out below:

  • Verbal Abuse by the staff
  • Physical Abuse under authorities
  • Abandonment by the nursing home
  • Financial Exploitation.

Suppose you happen to see or experience the aforementioned crimes performed by any nursing home in Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey, and Franrath. Then you can hold them accountable with the help of this West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney, as they are the best in West Palm Beach.

3. Car Accidents: Compensation?

Car accidents may not be considered a crime by you. As most of the time, both parties are equally responsible for the damage. But if you think that the other person or driver is fully responsible for the damage to your car, health, or even in extreme cases, the death of a loved one. Only then you can claim compensation through the court, and in this matter, the West Palm Beach Personal Attorney will help you win the fight.

Moreover, there is also a second type of claim. You can easily become a victim of a car accident. And that is against an Insurance company that has made you wait or are not compensating your loss. We know this can be a tough fight, and for your aid, the best West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer will be of great help.

You can claim the following damages that are mentioned below:

Economic Damages By Car Accidents

The economic damages by car accidents that you can claim include; medical and psychological costs, property damages, and wage compensation.

Non-Economic Damages By Car Accidents

The non-economic damages that can be claimed are humiliation or shock, pain, and suffering, disfigurement or scarring, emotional anguish, etc.

Punitive Damages: What’s That?

Punitive damages are the payment or compensation that is given by the driver for his/her gross and malicious negligence. 

4. Elderly Abuse: Crime!

Elders are the most vulnerable people to be abused at nursing homes. If you happen to know any elderly fellow or any parent that has been a victim of physical or mental abuse by a nursing home. Then you can hold them accountable by filing a lawsuit against them. So they do not repeat this act with others and also for the compensation of the victim.

Even if the abuse is done by any doctor, nurse, owner, or staff member, they can be held accountable, and the West Palm Beach Elder Abuse Attorney will pave the way for you.

The Final Verdict: 

Although lawsuits are difficult to handle and without the right knowledge of what to claim and how to claim, you can be on the losing side. Therefore, it is essential to know the time limit in which you can file a claim. Florida’s statute of limitations itself has defined this claim. For personal injury, it is up to 4 years, and for wrongful death claims, it is up to 2 years from the date of the incident. Now that we have explained some crimes and claims, you would not be on the losing side. 

To win any case or get the maximum claim, hiring a lawyer is not enough. You must consult the best lawyer in your state. Like West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer is among the top American law firms, serving the people for the past two years. So, don’t wait further and get a free consultation by calling (561) 655-1990 now. 

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