Cover letter template for job application

Most people who are interested in getting a new job will apply for a large number of positions, since they are aware that only a few companies will call them for an interview. Usually the job seeker has finalized his resume, and will send the same resume for all the jobs he is applying for either by email, courier or post. However, he can personalize each application for a job customizing the covering letter which he sends based on the position he is applying for. Using a cover letter template for job application can greatly reduce the effort involved in applying for different positions. The templates will vary depending on why and how the job seeker became aware of the vacancy, and are discussed below.

Job application cover letter

For a majority of job applicants , they will apply for jobs which are advertised online or offline. So when they apply, the cover letter should have information on where the position was advertised, so that the recruiter is aware of how effective the advertising used was. It should also have details of the position which the applicant is interested in, skills, experience , work history and educational qualification . Finally the cover letter should have the contact details of the person applying for the job, especially phone number, email address and postal address, so that the recruiter can contact the job applicant easily.

Referral cover letter

A large number of companies have a referral program, and employees can refer their friends and relatives to the company. The employees are usually rewarded if the person they refer will be selected for the job, since the company is able to save a lot of money in advertising and other recruitment related expenses. In case the applicant has been referred by an employee of the company, the cover letter should start by mentioning the name of the employee who has informed the applicant about the vacancy. The rest of the cover letter can include other information like the experience, skills and contact details. The recruiter is usually acquainted with the employee who is referring others, so it is easier for the applicant to get the attention of the recruiter.

Prospecting cover letter

Many professionals are interested in working in a particular company because the company is highly regarded in the industry sector, uses the latest technology, has an excellent work culture, or offers better compensation. Hence though the company may not advertise any vacancy offline or online, the professional would still like to try his luck. In case there is a suitable vacancy, the company will first check the resumes available with them, and call suitable candidates for an interview. So in this case the job applicant should send his resume, with a suitable cover letter, which explains why he is very eager to work with the company. The cover letter should mention how he became aware about the company, whether he met the staff in a job fair or read about in the mainstream media, trade journals or other sources. The cover letter should mention the reason what kind of opportunities he is interested in. In the realm of crafting compelling job applications, an evaluation form template can serve as a valuable tool, allowing applicants to systematically assess their cover letters, ensuring a polished and impactful submission.

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