Cosmetic Surgery: 4 Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

Have you decided to pursue some cosmetic surgery? If your goal is to look better and feel better too, you want to find the best plastic surgeon for your work.

This means doing your homework before your visit to the plastic surgeon and then being ready once you meet the doctor in person. You certainly wouldn’t buy a car or choose a school without doing some research and your homework. Do the same when it comes to your doctor too.

You know face to face time with any doctor is valuable. You want to go in prepared so you get your questions answered and feel informed about your cosmetic surgery. Read on for a list of four questions to ask your surgeon.

  1. Are You Board Certified?

Don’t assume your plastic surgeon is board certified because they are a doctor. You want a doctor performing your cosmetic surgery who holds board certification from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

It’s important that your surgeon be certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery for many reasons. It tells you some quality information about the level of training your doctor has had. Sure, doctors go to medical school. But when the plastic surgeon is board certified they have a higher level of training and expertise.

  1. How Often Have Your Performed This Type of Surgery?

Sure, plastic surgeons are specialists. Yet, you might be surprised that even within the field many of them become more specialized with what procedures they perform.

Ask your plastic surgeon how often they have performed the type of surgery you are seeking. Also, ask about their results from the surgery. Ask for their feedback about you as a candidate for this type of plastic surgery in Baltimore.

They should be able to provide you with some before and after photos when they have done the same procedure on others.

  1. What About Anesthesia?

In addition to where your procedure will be performed and if the doctor has hospital privileges, you want to know about the type of anesthesia you will get during the procedure.

Ask them to explain not only how it will be administered and by whom, but also possible side effects from the anesthesia.

Will the anesthesia be a local anesthetic? Will you be under a general anesthetic? Is the doctor administering the anesthesia also board certified?

  1. What Risks Are There and What Is the Recovery Like?

Any time you undergo a medical procedure or have anesthetic there are some risks. Ask the doctor to explain those risks. The doctor should be able to consider your health and medical history and consider the surgery to explain the potential risks associated.

You also want to know what to expect in your recovery. You will need to be prepared for restrictions you might have because of the surgery? You also want to know how long until you can perform daily life as usual? Is it normal to expect a few days or weeks for recovery?

Things to Know Before Cosmetic Surgery

Getting cosmetic surgery is a big decision. If it makes you feel and look better then it can be a great thing. But like any big decision, you want to approach it with knowledge. You also want a surgeon who will do the best work possible.

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