Coronavirus Live Updates in the United States

The number of new Coronavirus victims has recently reached 3,244 in the United States killing around 61 people throughout the country. Amidst its reach to 49 states, the administrations are shutting down more and more restaurants and public places. New York City and Los Angeles are shutting the bars and theatres as well. The city administration is now banning large public gatherings.

Considering the rapidly growing disease, Jack Ma has decided to send a huge shipment of face masks and coronavirus testing kits to the United States. As per his tweet, the US will receive one million face masks and 500,000 testing kits.

The Trump administration has already imposed a travel ban on Europe. However, students, green card holders and American nationals can enter the country after the screening. The passengers returning from countries that are hot hubs for coronavirus will be directed to 11 major US airports picked by the government. The healthcare workers will examine them and take their medical history. These airports include JFK, ORD, SEA, SFO, HNL, LAX, ATL, IAD, DTW, MIA, DTW, BOS, and EWR. This ban, however, is not functional to commercial trade as the cargo shipments will not stop.

Senator Ted Cruz is critical of President Trump’s cautionary measures to stop the Coronavirus from spreading. According to him, the administration is doing a great job in some areas but the testing kits should have been sent throughout the country with speed and efficiency. He believes that the bureaucracy was slow in involving the private sector into it as it should have been done earlier. Although Trump had announced a state of emergency in the country and allocated $50 billion to help the states in controlling the spread of COVID-19. Both the president Trump and the senator have gone to self-quarantine.

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