Corona Virus; Life in China Returns to Normal, 80% Of Patients Worldwide Out of Danger

Due to coronavirus world’s death exceeds 8000 While the number of affected patients has exceeded 2 million. The World Health Organization says that the condition of 80% of patients are balanced,13.8% serious and 6.1% are in severe condition.

According to global media, millions of people have been imprisoned in homes due to lock-down, closure of borders and public places and restrictions on social and public activity in several countries of the world, including Europe. In other countries, including Libya, Latin America, Qatar measures are made to limit the citizens in homes.


According to a foreign news agency, In China’s centre of the coronavirus life is slowly returning to normal. The coronavirus was completely controlled in china’s 34 out of 13 provinces. Out of 81 thousand confirmed cases, 69 thousand recovered patients have returned to their home. The epicentre of the outbreak in China was in Hubei province, where the pressure is now slowly diminishing on medical staff and there are now only 10,000 cases left. In many china’s cities, travel restrictions are being lifted and activities are being restored.


During 24 hours coronavirus killed 345 people in Italy and reached a total of 2503. The number of affected persons reaches 27,980. Italy is the most affected country in Europe with Coronavirus. Italy has a complete lock-down and millions of people are locked in homes.


Iran is the third-largest country in the world infected with Coronavirus where the number of confirmed cases has exceeded 16,000 while 988 deaths have been occurred. More steps are being taken in Iran to fight from coronavirus, 80,000 prisoners have been temporarily released, However, according to a news report, millions of deaths have been reported in Iran if Corona situation becomes more serious.


Spain is the fourth largest country in the world infected with Coronavirus where the number of confirmed cases has exceeded 10,000 after Spain confirmed 491 more cases of the Coronavirus. In Spain due to virus, there have been 491 deaths occurred. Public and business activities in the country are closed. The government has also announced a package of 200 billion euros to overcome the loss of economic activity.


In the united states, the number persons which are affected by corona have 5139 affected persons while 97 deaths happen. West Virginia is the only state with no case reported yet. Public places, bars, beaches, restaurants and more have been closed in all major cities of the United States. Amusement parks and indoor shopping malls are also being closed.

The mayor of New York has announced that on Thursday a daily basis it will have the capacity to test 5,000. The America economy is under severe pressure due to emergencies, especially given the difficulty of aviation sales. American Airports have asked for a $ 10 billion package to pay for its operations and plans and services.  Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin has said that due to the aftermath of the coronavirus will add $ 1 trillion to the country’s economy.

United Kingdom

Corona virus cases increased by 26% in the UK, bringing the total number of cases to 1950. So far 56 Corona patients have been killed there. The UK’s National Health Service has canceled non-urgent operations until April 15, and 1million beds have been evacuated from hospitals across the country.

European Union

According to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, e European Union has decided to ban the arrival of travelers from outside the 30 countries involved in the organization. After the restrictions, only citizens of countries within the block will be able to travel to member states of Europe.

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