Corona: The US overtook China in the affected countries

In Corona virus-infected countries, the US overtook China and came in first.

The number of coronary patients in the United States has reached 85 thousand and 280, while in China the number is 81 thousand and 340.

In China, the death toll from Corona reached 3,292, however, today the total number is 1293 after 266 new deaths in the United States.

On the other hand, New York has allowed two patients to use the same ventilator because of a severe shortage of ventilators required for corona patients.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announces that two coronary patients in New York hospitals can now be treated with the same ventilator to save more lives.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said that this is not an ideal situation but it could work out as 30,000 ventilators may be needed in New York in the coming weeks.

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