Corona spread to 189 countries, killing 14,000

The Coronavirus spread to 189 countries, killing more than 14,000 people however more than 3 thousand have been affected.

According to the news agency, in Italy coronavirus kills another 651 lives, the total has risen to over 5,000. Spain also lost 375 lives; the death toll exceeds 1700.

In France another 112 killed, the total number has reached 674 however in UK 281 and in the US 391 people have died.

Coronavirus kills 7 people in India after that, on Sunday across the country the Janata the curfew came into effect.

Coronavirus infects Iran with disaster situations and swallowed another 129 human lives, the death toll increased to over 1,600 while the virus has been confirmed in 21,000 people.

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