Corona patients in the United States more than doubled in China

Corona patients in the United States more than doubled in China, twenty thousand patients increased in a single day, after that the number reached close to 1 lac 64 thousand.

According to the news agency, after 565 deaths in the United States, the number in China approached.

Meanwhile, the lockdown period was extended in Spain and Italy. More than 3,000 deaths have occurred in France, while in Britain, 180 people lost their lives, abnormal deaths are also occurring in smaller countries in Europe.

117 people were killed in Iran while the number of patients in Saudi Arabia has grown to close to 1,000, curfew imposed indefinitely in 6 areas of Makkah.

Corona death toll rises to nearly thirty-eight thousand in 200 countries, while the number of patients is more than 7 lac 84 thousand, however, more than one lac 65,000 people have recovered.

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