Coping With Self-Isolation Anxiety: What You Should Know

Mere months ago our lives revolved around the inclination to refresh our social media feeds to check the latest showbiz gossip, technology news and anticipate the release of a new game. However, the rage of COVID-19 changed our habits to an extent. Now that self-isolation and social distancing are enforced and varied countries have seen complete lockdowns, we’re stuck at our homes refreshing social media feeds like usual but we also anxiously wait for new updates on the COVID-19 situation.

That does nothing but trigger our uneasiness further. To the extent that CDC has jotted down a complete guide on coping with stress and anxiety triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak.

But that’s not the only source of where your anxiety is coming from. When the news resonated to stay at home and avoid social contact, it wasn’t easy to comprehend at first. The more the current situation prolongs, anyone would become anxious especially those who’re currently in self-isolation.

If you feel your anxiety is kicking up, here’s what you can do to cope with it.

Social contact is key

Humans are social animals, not lone wolves. Many experts have agreed so. Mere words constructed out of societal myths that only extroverts enjoy social contact and introverts don’t shouldn’t be believed.

It’s human nature to feel isolated. Spending time in self-isolation is only going to worsen it. Whenever you’re going through a phase of mental disquiet, it’s better to maintain contact with your friends, and even co-workers. Chat for an hour or two, run a few rants and surround yourself with positivity to ease your mental unrest.

If you had the habit of indulging yourself in stress eating or have undue cravings of any sort, replace those cravings with a new routine such as maintaining social contact. Only the routine changes but the reward stay the same.

Multiplayer games

Games can put your mind off things. Video games are widely recognized for putting players into their zones and keeping worldly distractions away. The same can be practiced so while self-isolating. But a better option would be to play multiplayer games rather than playing single-player quest-based games. It just won’t be distracting enough.

Alternatively, if you’re already feeling down and anxious, playing a violent and graphic game should be the last thing you should do. Try playing multiplayer games such as MOBA or RPG, even RTS is a better option. Otherwise, you can lobby up with your friends for an Overwatch showdown or play Fortnite if battle royale is your cup of tea.

Note that an unstable internet connection can only elevate your frustration levels and make you agitated than ever. Internet providers such as WOW internet confer high-speed internet speeds sufficient enough for an entire household to stream, game and browse unlimited times. But if you cannot get a new connection amid this quarantine crisis, you can choose to upgrade your current internet plan.

Fitness above all

Most of us disregard this one. Those who have had busy routines. Staying toe to toe with work, not paying much attention to what they eat and having unhealthy eating habits – this one is for them. Adding a hint of physical activity will help you not only now but also in the long run. You don’t need a treadmill for it. You don’t even need a stroll or a jog in the park. Everything can be done so at the comfort of your home.

Look for YouTube channels that practice workout. Set dates and set workout sessions. Choose simple exercises at first and don’t overdo it. Here’s a guide that’ll make searching for fitness channels easier for you.

If proper and streamlined workout sessions aren’t your thing, you can rely on alternative options. Such as making a few basic workout moves while listening to music or stretch a bit every hour or so. Keep that heart and blood pumping. With your adrenaline rushing, your serotonin levels will remain alleviated.

To Conclude

There are multiple ways to cope with the anxiety surrounding the current Coronavirus circumstances. So don’t scroll social media into oblivion or wait for the next COVID-19 update. Alternatively, if you follow the array of tips we have accumulated, it will surely help you and those around you!

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