Considering Freezing Your Eggs? Here Is What You Should Know

Many women worry about their future and what they will leave behind once they die. Freezing eggs can be an excellent investment, and most women want to have the chance to give birth and care for their children. Dr. Kutluk Oktay in New York performs egg freezing to women who want to preserve their fertility and have the chance to have children in the future.

Due to industrialization in the 21st century and the right to female education, many women go to school and get jobs before they get married or think about having children. Unfortunately, the fertility clock does not wait, and if a woman does not take the right approach, she may never have children of her own.

What is egg freezing?

Cryopreservation is another term for egg freezing. This process is a fertility preservation technique that involves harvesting a woman’s eggs for safekeeping so that upon future fertilization with sperm through assisted reproductive technology, the woman can conceive.

Egg freezing is an overwhelming process. There is a lot of research you need to conduct to ensure this is the proper procedure for you. Here are some of the main factors to consider before you choose to undergo the egg freezing process:

  • Egg freezing does not always guarantee results

Freezing your eggs does not guarantee you get a baby whenever you are ready. Although this process has offered many women a successful conception, many factors influence your results. Not all the eggs that your doctor will harvest from your ovary are goings to be viable. Moreover, there are many preparation steps for your ovary to go through before storage. Some eggs may not survive the warming process, and some may not maintain viability during storage. Your age during egg harvesting also determines the quality of the eggs.

  • Your age matters

No specific age is perfect to start your egg freezing process. However, your twenties and early thirties are when your egg reserves have plenty and healthier eggs. Your doctor should test for specific fertility hormones before going ahead to start the egg freezing process. This test helps your doctor understand your ovaries’ condition and determine if egg freezing is a potential solution for you. Women that are above the age of 38 are not egg-freezing candidates.

  • Side effects can occur

Although most effects diminish with time, you should be psychologically ready to experience some side effects following the procedure. For example, some complain of cramps, especially after the egg retrieval step of the process. Also, mood swings can happen since you are full of hormones. Most doctors recommend taking a week off from work to recover from the process. You should also avoid making life-changing decisions during this period. Weight gain and bloating are effects of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Avoid unprotected sex because it is possible to get pregnant after egg retrieval as some ova may be hanging around.

  • Getting the correct information can help you understand what to expect

Egg freezing is a complex concept that can be overwhelming to understand, especially when researching alone. Schedule a consultation at INNOVATION FERTILITY PRESERVATION AND IVF if you have questions about egg freezing to get accurate information that will help you determine whether the process is proper for you.

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