Common Work-Related Back Injuries

Some professions can cause back injuries more than others. These injuries can range from minor to severe. When suffering from a back injury, you will want to see a back pain doctor in Scottsdale for a diagnosis and to learn your treatment options. 


Common Professions Who Suffer From Back Pain

Construction workers and professionals who lift and carry heavy items along with those who operate heavy machinery usually see back pain. Also, those professionals who are always on their feet, such as nurses and surgeons will most likely experience back pain sometime in their career. Professions that require you to sit for long periods such as in front of a computer or driving a vehicle can also cause back pain. The fact of the matter is that pretty much anyone in any profession can experience some sort of back pain. 


Back Injuries 

There are many ways you can injure your back causing back pain. Always learn how to properly lift and carry, along with operating heavy machinery to prevent these injuries. 


Strain – A strain usually occurs in those who tend to over lift which causes them to overuse and over strain the muscles in the back. 


Sprain – A sprain is usually caused by a sudden movement that ends up tearing a ligament in the back.


Herniated Disk – A herniated disk occurs when the spine’s cushioning is lost from strain and can cause severe back pain.

Treatment Options for Back Injuries

It all depends on the injury and severity of the injury when it comes to the proper treatment option. Most injuries will require plenty of rest along with heat and ice applications, medications, stretching, and physical therapy. Some injuries will require surgery. Luckily, minimally invasive surgery options such as laser therapy can help with back pain and many back injuries without the downfall of having surgery. LaserTech Pain and Back Relief Center offers specialized laser therapy options for several back injuries. The team specializes in the spine and back and will find the root of the problem so they can effectively treat it, offering the proper treatment plan. 

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