Chumlee Pleads Guilty to 2016 Arrest

In his recent hearing, Chumlee Pleads Guilty to his 2016 arrest. In today’s world, there are many ways for people to become famous. Some achieve fame through work or talents, while others gain notoriety for less desirable reasons. One such person is Austin “Chumlee” Russell, who became a household name as a star of the reality TV series Pawn Stars.

What Happened to Chumlee?

It was reported that while police were executing a search warrant at his home regarding an ongoing sexual assault investigation, they allegedly discovered several firearms and illegal drugs, including methamphetamine. If all of that wasn’t bad enough, on top of facing felony charges for weapons possession and drug offenses, if Chumlee Pleads Guilty, he could potentially be looking at up to five years behind bars.

Chumlee Pleads Guilty and Probation

Even though he is an infamous felon, his plea deal was not surprising. After his arrest, he was involved in several legal issues. In 2016, he was arrested on 20 felony counts; He was not charged in the sexual assault case and was released after posting a $62,000 bail. But Chumlee Pleads Guilty to two of them. One was for drug possession, while the other was for firearms violations related to transporting drugs across state lines (allegedly). He received three years probation as part of this plea agreement and had to attend counseling sessions regularly (along with other court-mandated requirements).

The media coverage surrounding Chumlee’s case has stirred up some controversy over how harshly celebrities tend to be punished for similar crimes – especially when they have a large fan base like Chumlee does – but it doesn’t seem to have deterred people from keeping an eye on him or following his progress closely even now.

Pawn Stars Chumlee Sentenced to Life in Prison After This

How did he become an entrepreneur?

What most people don’t know about Chumlee is that he is an entrepreneur with a successful business, predating his appearance on Pawn Stars for many years. He has a passion for antiques and is considered an expert on the subject matter; this knowledge led him to be featured as one of the main cast members on the show.

Although it might appear from watching Pawn Stars that Chumlee was lucky enough to land a job at Rick Harrison’s pawn shop in Las Vegas (and ride off into the sunset with riches and fame), nothing could be further from the truth. Chumlee was working at that pawn shop long before anyone ever heard of him – including Rick himself! After several years of being co-workers and friends, Rick decided to give Chumlee a chance on camera during some downtime between customers wandering through the door.

Life path to Success

Chumlee started at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in 2001 when he was eighteen. He worked his way up through the ranks over time, learning as much about the business as possible. Back then, he essentially performed any task that needed to be done, sweeping up the floors, stocking inventory, manning the counter, and chatting with customers. And by 2009 (the year before Pawn Stars debuted), Chumlee had become a valuable member of Rick Harrison’s team, helping run things behind the scenes while making occasional appearances on camera.

Now, thirteen years after starting as an inexperienced teenager, Chumlee is one of the most well-known and recognizable faces on Pawn Stars. He’s a key part of the show – not just because of his comic relief factor but also because he has deep knowledge and understanding of everything pawning. He can talk about coins, watches, jewelry, and everything else with authority (and often pulls off some pretty impressive deals).

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