Choosing The Best Lingerie Color For Your Skin Tone

When it comes to buying lingerie, knowing your size and preferred styles is just the starting point. Color is also essential for looking your best. While black, white and red are some of the most popular colors for lingerie, other shades can be even more flattering. Find your skin tone type and color palette to choose the best bras and underwear.

Finding Your Skin Tone Type

Start your search for the best lingerie color by determining your skin tone type. There are four main types of skin tones: light, fair, medium and deep. One of the best ways to determine which type of skin tone you have is to consider your reaction to sun exposure.

Light skin burns easily and does not tan. Fair skin also burns easily, but can develop a slight tan. Medium skin takes longer to burn and gradually develops a tan. Deep skin is less prone to sunburn and tans easily.

The undertones of your skin are the key for finding the most flattering shades. Cool skin has pink, red, or blue hues. People who have cool undertones often look best in silver or platinum jewelry. Neutral skin combines warm and cool undertones. Warm skin tones tend to have a golden, peach or yellow hue. Gold jewelry brings out warm undertones.

Finding Your Color Palette

One of the most useful systems for determining your color palette is associated with the seasons. Several features beyond skin tone, including eye and hair color, factor into your seasonal category.

Cool undertones typically correspond to winter and summer color palettes. People with these palettes look best in medium to dark tones of flattering colors. Warm undertones are associated with the spring and autumn categories. Muted shades are more likely to flatter these colorations. Each season can be further classified into cool, neutral and deep subcategories.

Once you know your seasonal palette, you can look for the most flattering colors of women’s underwear. You can also get a clearer idea of whether bold or muted shades are more flattering as well as your best nude and neutral hues.

Choosing Your Favorite Styles

As you prepare to shop for lingerie, you should also know how to measure for a bra. Once you determine your band and cup size measurements, you should also be aware of sister sizes. Bras that have the same cup volume as your primary size with a smaller band and larger cup or larger band and smaller cup could also provide a good fit.

You are ready to shop for lingerie once you know your sizes and best colors. While the colors of items can look slightly different online, you should be able to get a sense of whether a style will bring out your best features.

Determining your skin tone type, color palette and size can help you select the most flattering lingerie. Look for styles you like in your size and consider the available color options. The same color principles also apply to clothing, so you can always refer to your seasonal palette to look your best.

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