Choose to make your KSEB bill payment cleverly

KSEB or Kerala State Electricity Board Limited under the aegis of the Government of Kerala generates, transmits and supplies electricity to the people of the state. Consumers of the board can choose the option of ‘Quick Pay’ to easily and seamlessly get over with their monthly KSEB bill payment. In fact, other than accepting online payments though your credit and debit cards and Net banking from the official website of KSEB, users can now opt for downloading the KSEB mobile App onto their mobile phones for easy payments. The other method of paying online using digital money is to use the Bharat Bill Payment System BBPS, an integrated bill payment platform where top third-party resellers and Agent institutions like Paytm, MobiKwik and Google Play are enlisted and authorized to accept payments on behalf of KSEB.

Consumers can also make their KSEB bill payment through offline methods – by depositing cash at the payment counter of any KSEB collection centre; depositing their cheques at branch offices; Demand Drafts and Money orders to be deposited at the mentioned branch offices and also pay using credit and debit cards at the e-pay counters.

Difference between making KSEB bill payments online and offline

  1. Offline payments require you to physically be present. This customarily requires you to dedicate time for travelling to a collection centre or a branch office using private or public transport and stand in queues that could easily extend to hours depending upon the crowd. Compared to this online method do not require any kind of physical presence and operations – rather everything is technology oriented. This saves you time that you can easily dedicate to do something more fruitful and entertaining.
  2. Offline payments majorly include paying by cash, depositing cheques, demand drafts and money order. Cash is quite unsafe; we are all aware – it can be stolen at any point in time. Also storing too much of cash currency with you is not advisable for demonetization can happen any time. Preparing cheques, DD and MO are also cumbersome because you need to ensure that the details are all correct, that there are no over-writings or erasers used. Compared to this, the online method simply requires you to fill in certain numbers – like your credit or debit card number, your bank account number or your e-wallet id. Rest technology takes care and does the needful to have your KSEB bill payment process successfully. This makes the process convenient and safe.
  3. Offline processes are slow for they are manual based. Compared to this online payment are run by latest technical systems where transactions get processed within seconds.
  4. Invariably when you go to make payments through offline methods, you will need to travel, you will need to stand and wait, you will have to bear the onslaught of the weather conditions and also sometimes face the wrath of clerks at the payment All this makes it uncomfortable. With online methods, you sit in your home or office and complete the process within seconds making it a comfortable and relaxed experience.
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