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If you offer Medicare insurance or similar policies to your staff, then you need to ensure that all HCC audits are done correctly. Failure to complete these documents well and on time can prevent you from making the necessary claims, leaving you out of pocket and without full coverage for your company.

Handling healthcare audits has never been straightforward, and things are made even more complicated these days with the ongoing changes to policies.

The HCC is used to determine reimbursement that is owed to policyholders on behalf of their clients, or in this case, their staff, which is covered by the company’s Medicare.

While this audit is designed as a risk adjustment process, helping commercial policyholders get the reimbursement they deserve at the end of the year or the end of the plan, it is not easy to manage alone. Many companies make errors when it comes to their HCC audits and the medical billing that is required as a support, causing them to lose out significantly.

Working alone can cause issues, which is why hiring medical billing professionals is a great option.

HCC Audits For Companies and Practices

Managing the necessary paperwork and filing for HCC audits takes a lot of work, and this is something a lot of companies and practices struggle with.

As there is already so much to do within the daily running of the business and managing staff, handling the specific medical billing documents when the time comes is just another task. Without the correct time and energy to spend on this task, many companies struggle to correctly audit HCC medical billing, and this can cause a knock-on effect throughout the whole business.

This is why turning to Fortis HCC audits billing company is so useful for all kinds of companies, organizations, and practices.

Fortis is a professional medical billing company with a complete team of experienced physicians, auditors, and even former FBI agents. All of these have a great understanding of HCC audits and what is required within these, as well as an overall understanding of the law and processes for companies providing healthcare.

All of this experience works to ensure that Fortis can provide accurate HCC audits and several other medical billing services.

Instead of struggling to manage this task along with everything else that is required by your company, you can hire this firm to handle all your medical billing needs on your behalf.

As a lot is riding on providing accurate HCC audits, along with other medical billing information and evidence, it is not something to risk as a manager, physician, or company leader. This federal medical billing firm will handle everything for you and ensure that all HCC audits are precise, accurate, and suitable for the claims you need to make.

What Is Required For HCC Audits?

As a professional medical billing company, Fortis HCC Audits offers several services to companies.

To ensure that medical billing provided as part of HCC audits on behalf of your company is accurate and up-to-date, a lot of work needs to be done, and this firm can help. Its services cover every phase of HCC audits and work towards ensuring the best results for your practice, such as reducing the denial rate.

Working with Fortis medical billing for HCC audits covers all stages of the process, including:


There are two main forms of HCC audit billing services from Fortis based on your requirements as a company or practice.

For example, if you are shifting your current HCC audit and medical billing process to Fortis from another company, Fortis has a complete auditing process to include this. During this, they will consider your current billing procedures and determine where this can be improved during the switch.

If you are just starting with professional medical billing services, then Fortis will use a similar approach to your practice’s medical billing, but instead of accessing a company’s handling, they will be focusing on the internal workings of your practice.

Coding and Billing

Fortis also works with its clients during the compliant billing and coding process as part of the overall HCC audit and medical billing procedure.

With the team’s experience and skills, the firm will work with its clients to ensure they understand the rules and requirements of this procedure, and have a clear understanding of what they are entitled to during this time. With this understanding, Fortis medical billing for HCC audits can make the ongoing process easier within your company.

The team can help ensure that the ongoing work required for HCC audits and other aspects of medical billing within your practice is streamlined so they can run in the background of everyday proceedings. This prevents issues when the billing is ready to be filed and audited, making it easy to keep track of everything within the practice.

Revenue Cycle Management

This is the final service offered specifically for HCC audits billing services from Fortis and is custom to every client.

With the firm’s experience, skills, and great understanding of federal requirements in terms of healthcare, Fortis can offer a tailored program for your practice to aid with HCC audits. This will vary based on your practice’s requirements and the current processes for medical billing but is done in aid of reducing denial rates and other aspects of HCC audits that can impact the overall company.


There are some things that you should not leave to chance, and this is why relying on Fortis medical billing for HCC audits is essential as a practitioner.

Fortis is a well-established, professional medical billing firm that offers a range of services including those surrounding HCC audits. The firm is made up of experienced practitioners, auditors, and those with an FBI background to ensure a precise service every time.

As there is a lot of work that goes into HCC audits, many companies struggle to provide accurate oversight. Working with Fortis ensures accurate HCC audits and ongoing, precise medical billing.

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