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It is not worth putting off replacing windows, even when it is done in order to save money. Sooner or later, new windows will still have to be installed, but the delayed time is guaranteed to result in intangible losses.

What signs signal the need to replace windows

You don’t need to be an experienced expert in construction and renovation to understand when it’s time to change windows. Old windows themselves signal that it is time to do a new window installation. This is indicated by the following signs:

  1. Mold and mildew on the sash, frame, window sil,l and slopes are one of the main markers indicating the need to replace windows. The uncontrolled and rapid development of microflora signals that the elements of window structures are affected by microorganisms and begin to deteriorate.
  2. Windows fog up – if condensation regularly falls on the glass from the inside and outside, this indicates that they have ceased to cope with their main functions.
  3. The hermiticity is lost – when even glued sashes with seals in the places where they are adjacent to the frames still allow air, dust, and moisture from the street to pass through, this means that it is no longer possible to postpone the installing of replacement windows.
  4. Unsatisfactory aesthetic condition of windows – sometimes they say about such products that nothing can be done with them and it makes no sense to repair them since it is easier and cheaper to replace them.
  5. Incorrect functioning of fittings – old latches, hinges, and other mechanisms have an almost unlimited service life, they have nothing to break, therefore failures in their work indicate, first of all, serious problems with the sashes and frames.

If you notice at least one of these signs, then it’s time for you to install replacement windows. But this service is quite expensive, and homeowners often want to save at least the cost of installing windows.

We would not like to disappoint you, but we have to do it. Installing a window by the hands of an unqualified specialist and without observing building codes and regulations can lead to the fact that instead of the joy of using high-quality glazing, you will receive a window structure that will constantly break and let cold air into the apartment.

Nevertheless, we have prepared for you detailed instructions for window installation, which will allow you to have a clear idea of ​​all the stages of work, and if you already have experience of such work, then you can use the information from this article.

Preparatory stage

First of all, it is necessary to check the dimensions of the windows made according to your dimensions and delivered. For this, new windows are measured, and the results obtained are checked against the dimensions of those to be replaced. And only if the dimensions are the same, you should start dismantling the old glazing.

Installation of a window structure

Work on the installation of the structure should begin with the preparation of the opening. It should be perfectly flat, without any cracks, large potholes, or other defects. Immediately before starting the installation, it is necessary to dismantle the old window and carefully remove dust and debris from the site.

At the next stage, a new window is installed in the opening. This can be accomplished using one of three methods:

  • on the mounting plates;
  • through columns;
  • using the “end-to-end” method.

It is better to install wooden windows closer to the outside in order to keep a larger area of ​​the opening warm.

The pads for installing the window are used only for a completely flat opening. In this case, it is covered with a layer of waterproofing, and then the pads are fixed, placing them parallel to the frame.

Attach the mounting plates to the top and sides of the frame, positioning them 25 cm from the edge. The plates are fixed with self-tapping screws, without tightening them tightly. After installing the plates, the window is leveled with wedges and final fixation is performed with self-tapping screws.

The most effective method of fixing the window in the opening is “through”. For this, the double-glazed windows are removed, and holes are drilled on the inner and lateral sides of the frame. After that, the glasses are put in place and aligned. Self-tapping screws are screwed into the holes, but tightened only after the final frame adjustment in two directions – horizontal and vertical.

After the installation is completed, the gaps between the glass unit and the box should be eliminated using insulating materials for this purpose, for example, polyurethane foam. It protects the room from the ingress of cold air and water.

Incorrect installation entails such troubles as fogging of glasses, drafts, difficulties in locking the shutters. Our company makes the competent installation of various types of windows. The installation of windows is carried out by professionals in their field, who have extensive experience in installing windows in apartments and houses of various types: frame, brick, timber. Or window and door installers have completed mandatory training and have all the necessary equipment to work.

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