Character Classes in Action Games:

Action video games are the mostly liked and played games around the world. The thrill, style, and features of the characters in the games are the main attraction for gamers. According to the power and action you can select your favorite character. You are always likely to choose the character that depicts your personality. And that is the main thing that attracts and appeals the players. The characters are classified according to the feature. For example, the shooting action video game ‘Destiny 2’ is popular due to its characters. There are 3 Classes in destiny 2. Namely, the Destiny 2 classes are: Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. Let’s discuss the classes of characters in action video games so that you may select characters according to your taste.

1. Warrior/Fighter/ Soldier:

The most powerful and capable class in action video games are the fighters. These characters have the best weapons to combat. Moreover, their health score is usually better as well as defense. Warrior character will suit you If you are a gamer who plays hack and slash style.

2. Ninja/Assassin:

These character class is more subtle than fighters as they do use weapons but have more skills. They use skills in completing their missions. Their ability to hide easily from the villains make them extraordinary from warriors. These characters are preferred when you are playing in a cautious yet chaotic manner.

3. Wizard/ Mage:

These characters do not use weapons to attack the enemies. However, they use magic to defend themselves and defeat their opponents. They can spell defense magic as well. Their armor is weak, and they attack from distance. It is because the distance attack is of more power to hurt the enemy.

4. Hunter/Ranger/Archer:

Using arrows and bows, hunters and rangers looks classy. They can attack from long distance. The near attack too does not get wasted as in using spells by wizard characters. Hunter use bows for catching the fish also. Here are the more detail about bowfishing.

5. Berserkers:

These types of characters are monster type. They use power blows to proceed, and their massive attacks are always devastating. To do catastrophic damage to the opponents you should try Berserkers.

  1. Shadow knight: These are used to spread plague among opponents to defeat them.
  2. Summoner: For multiple damages to the enemy’s summoner is the best class. These are best for defense as well as attacks.
  3. Bard: These characters use strategic moves. They attack the enemy using some tricks and most importantly by breaking the defense of the opponents.
  4. Dragoon: They are simply dragons that fight vigorously.
  5. Blue Mage: These characters are popular due to their abilities of adopting the skills of enemies.

There are also games like Corruption of Champions that offer unique character classes and gameplay styles. These games often feature a more mature and adult-oriented theme, with elements such as erotic content and darker storylines. In games like this, selecting a character class may also involve choosing between different races or species, each with their own abilities and weaknesses. These types of games offer a different kind of gaming experience for those who are looking for something more unconventional and challenging.

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