CESC Bill Payment- Now Possible Even While on a Move

Life without electricity is unthinkable. One cannot stress enough on the importance of electricity which has now become one of the basic and expected necessities of life. Most of our appliances and devices run on electricity and it is thus imperative that we enjoy an uninterrupted supply all the time. While we take these amenities for granted and cannot think our life without it, we tend to forget when it comes to paying bills for the services used.

Just a few years ago, paying utility bills meant long queues, wasting a lot of time and letting go of some important work just to wait for our turn to pay the bill amount at electricity supply office or a bill kiosk. With time and technological advancements, it has now becoming possible to make CESC Bill Payment using the internet. The advent of this online platform has changed our lives forever. The easy access to the internet combined with digitalization has made it possible.

With a majority of people using smartphones or computers with a robust internet connection, the number of people paying bills online has already become an impressive figure. It goes on to say much about the Government’s proactive efforts to encourage people to make digital payments instead of relying on hard cash. The demonetization move is also responsible for the surge in subscribers using online interfaces to pay their bills.

Calcutta Electricity Supply Corporation has been serving its subscribers with reliable power supply services. To ensure continued supply of power, it is important that utility bills are paid on time. There are several online platforms like Paytm, MobiKwik, PhonePe, RechargeOnline and more that allow people to use their platform to pay their bills on time.

These platforms are totally safe and reliable. You can use them to book movies, rail tickets, air tickets, mobile recharge, gas payment and a lot more besides electricity bill payment. There are several payment options which can be used to process payment. You can make your CESC bill payment online using different modes of payment like net banking, debit card, credit card, Paytm wallet, UPI, Oxigen wallet, etc. Bills can be paid at any time and from anywhere in the world. The platforms can be used 24*7.

While using any of these platforms to pay bills, users can also enjoy a variety of deals, discounts, cashback offer, coupons, vouchers and more to some eateries, restaurants, shopping sites and a lot more. This way, the users get the double benefit of paying bills without being charged any commission and enjoy cashback offers.

Many apps also offer features like notifications of upcoming due dates of bills. This way, chances of missing out paying bills on time is reduced. When bills are paid on time, the chance of penalty levied on the bill also goes away. These benefits and interesting features have made the online way of paying bills one of the most popular and commonly used methods. Go digital and make your life hassle-free and easier than ever!

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