Care Guide for Your Car: Why Use Car Wax?

You’re dressed up to the nines, and you’re ready to take your sweet ride out onto the road. It’s all about making an impression, and you’ve prepared everything there is to think about. Except, you know, something’s looking a little… off. Your car’s not exactly the shining beacon of beauty that used to draw the gaze of curious onlookers and gearheads alike.

And that’s because you forgot to wax it! And duh! You’ve been neglecting one of the most important parts of car care in the business! You can’t get away with just throwing in a coat on there when you feel like it, oh no. You need to maintain constant, regular care for your car to look its best.

But hey, waxing your car is not just about making it look great. It’s about protecting it from all of the little weather aggressions that conspire to make your new-looking ride into, well, a car that’s way past its sell-by date.

So, let’s take a look at why you should use car wax to begin with.

Keep the Paint Protected

You definitely want to keep your pride and joy away from any and all contaminants. You may live in an area with very aggressive weather that’s constantly peeling away at paint, or causing harm to your car’s surface. We’re talking constant sunlight, oxidation, acid rain showers, salt…

Any and all of these things can lead to long-lasting damage to your ride’s exterior, and we definitely don’t want that. The idea is to keep your car looking new throughout its life cycle, which will hopefully be very long if you care for it at all. But, if you let your elements have your way with it, then we guarantee that you’re going to have to repaint it after a while, and that will take a chunk out of your budget if you want to do it right.

And hey, keeping your car looking good is also an important factor if you want to keep its market value up, right? Say you want to sell it for a good price? Well, no one’s going to want if the paint job’s looking you tried driving the Indy 500 in the middle of a hailstorm.

If you add wax, you protect the outer layers of the car. Think of it as a shield that keeps the ugly away. It’s the first line of defense against any attackers, and it keeps the paint from being scratched or chipped.

So, remember it this way: think of wax as part of your car’s immune system.

Have an Oopsie? Wax is There for You!

Wax on, friend! But hey, if you don’t, then there’s a chance that you’ve been driving around, slowly building up a mess of tiny little scratches on your car’s surface. And that’s a definite no-no on our book!

One of the miraculous things that wax can do for your car is to improve the look of nasty little scratches and cuts that tend to ruin your day when you’re admiring your car in the garage. There you go, marveling over its smooth, perfectly even surface and THERE it is, looking at you with a mocking glint. Mind you, this is still more of an aesthetic fix. Some waxes do have fillers, but they’re temporary.

But hey, wax is your friend, and it’s there so you don’t have to take your car into the shop right away! If you ask us, that’s a win/win, right? With wax helping to remedy small scratches and holes, your car is looking as good as before — maybe even better — and your pockets are still a-jinglin’!

It’ll Shine so Much You’ll Need Sunglasses

Well, what’s the most obvious thing that comes to your mind when thinking about waxing a car? That’s right, that refulgent spell that seems to put people in a hypnotic trance. Your favorite music blasting on the stereo, bass booming, sun blazing, and the feel of the open road. There’s nothing quite like it, is there?

Simply put: your car looks its best when you wax it. It’s the automobile equivalent of being dressed for prom. If you dress to impress, why shouldn’t you wax for the same result?

Try it on for yourself! Take before and after pictures of your car when you wax it, and even if you’re due for an eye exam you’ll notice the difference. That’s the golden ticket to making your car stay in a state of perpetual, glossy newness. And if you want a bonus, then here it is!

Since all of the trash (like insect, leaves, little branches, dirt) that gets stuck to the outer part of the car don’t actually touch the paint, you’re making your next car wash more effective! In effect, you’re rinsing away only the outer layer of wax, and not scrubbing the paint away.

In Closing

We could wax poetic about this stuff all day, but why when you can just check out this guide to learn so much more about wax products? It’s time to get this show on the road!

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