Can You Travel With CBD Oil in Australia?

Worried about whether you’re allowed to bring CBD oil into Australia? Will you be forced to toss your CBD tincture or risk getting caught or fined by law officials?

If you have a valid prescription, it is illegal for anyone to take it away from you when you are traveling. You are allowed to travel with medical cannabis and this would include CBD oil 2000mg 30ml as long as it was prescribed to you.

In this article, we will look at Australian laws around CBD oil and traveling with the substance or any other medical cannabis product.

Can You Travel With Medical Cannabis Within Australia?

Yes, you can. All states in Australia legalize medical cannabis and allow you to carry it around with you. It is permissible to travel between states and territories with your CBD oil or other types of medical cannabis.

All Australian jurisdictions now have the same or similar narcotic laws, that are based on the Commonwealth Narcotics Act 1967.

Overseas or online purchases of medical cannabis products may not be legal. So, it is important that you should only travel with a product that your doctor has prescribed to you.

Can You Fly With CBD Oil in Australia?

Yes. The Civil Aviation Authority has allowed passengers to take their federally legal medical cannabis on flights within Australia.

This is a great relief for many patients who previously had to carry their medicine with them and risk being questioned, searched, or arrested when they did not have their documentation available.

You may take up to 3 months’ supply of your medication with you in sealed packaging.

What Documents Should You Carry With You While Traveling With Medical Cannabis in Australia?

As mentioned before, you definitely need to prove that your doctor has lawfully prescribed your cannabis medications. You can prove this by showing your prescription on the medication’s container or bottle.

If you are traveling interstate with a medicine like cannabis, you should have your prescription, an ID, and some papers that show that you can legally possess and use it.

With the correct paperwork, you should have no trouble traveling through any state with your medicine in Australia.

Can You Bring a CBD Vape With You to the Australian States?

Vaporizing is a great way for those living with serious health conditions to get the healing effects of CBD.

The Volcano Medic and Mighty Medic are the only two vapes that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has approved. So, you can be confident that TGA has safety-tested, approved, and legalized them to travel within Australia.

Your current vaporizer is probably not what doctors would recommend as a smoking cessation tool. Whilst you are free to use it as much as you want, there is a gray area around whether or not it will be safe to travel with, when there are other safer alternatives.

When you visit your doctor, ask them to write a letter saying they know you use a vaporizer and approve its use. We also recommend they list the exact vaporizer name and model number for further convenience.

Should You Use a Specific Container/Storage to Carry Your Medical Cannabis in Australia?

Yes, you should always keep your cannabis medicine in the original package it came in. If a pharmacist or supplier has filled a prescription and dispensed the medicine to you in another kind of container, then that is no problem. Any packaging for your cannabis medicine should comply with Australian medical packaging standards.

Storing medical marijuana in its original packaging means that your personal information, doctor’s information/guidelines, and ‘script’ are all right there on the box. Besides, pack your CBD oil or tincture in a secure place so it won’t leak out of your luggage. Secure the items in bubble wrap so your bottles don’t shift around in the suitcase, which could cause them to break open.

Conclusion – Is It Okay to Travel With CBD Oil in Australia?

In Australia, there are no laws that prevent you from bringing CBD products into the country. However, there have been issues with customs confiscating products containing CBD. It is because of a lack of clarity about what kind of cannabis products are permissible for you to carry in Australia.

To avoid any confusion or trouble with Australian customs officials, we recommend carrying a copy of your doctor’s recommendation letter for CBD oil.

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