Can You Put Dress Shirts in the Washer?

Dress shirts are the go-to clothes for regular work days. You may be wearing them five to six days a week. To make the most out of your dress shirts, you want to give the best possible wash care to prolong its life.

When it comes to washing dress shirts, many go to the dry cleaners to have them cleaned. But for some, it’s a hassle to do so, especially if there are no dry cleaners nearby where you live. If you have a packed schedule, going to the dry cleaners every so often will be difficult. Not only is it time-consuming for some, but it can cost you as well. Due to the said reasons, many decide to wash their dress shirts all by themselves using their washing machines. Something not advisable if you are wash suits, whether suits for grown-ups or boys suits. But is it a good idea? Can you put dress shirts in the washer?

To Machine Wash or Not to Machine Wash

The answer to the question is yes. You can wash your dress shirts using your very own washing machine. You don’t necessarily need to go to the dry cleaners to have them cleaned. Most of the dry cleaners don’t even dry clean your shirts. The truth is, it’s very likely that your cleaning services wash your dress shirts the same way you wash your other clothes.

Dry cleaners wash your dress shirts with soap and detergent like you usually do at home. Then, they press your shirts right after they come out of the washing machine. In essence, they’re just washing your clothes the same way you would clean them at home. The only difference being the press.

With that in mind, it’s certainly clear that you can wash your dress shirts with a washing machine. You’ll save some money from not paying your dry cleaners, and the effort and time in not going there as well.

Things to Remember When Washing Shirts with a Machine

While they are generally safe for machine wash, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when washing dress shirts. By doing so, you can extend the life of your shirts. Here are some of the things that you should always remember.

  1. Always pre-treat stains before putting your shirts on the machine. The usual places where dirt accumulates are the collars and the cuffs. Pre-treating them can help the washer clean them better.
  2. Remember to turn your shirts inside out. The reason why you want to do this is to protect the buttons and other adornments on the shirts.
  3. Consider washing with cold water. Some dress shirts are more delicate than others. Check their labels for instructions. For delicate fibres, you may need to use some mild detergent. In any case, washing with cold water is the safest way to go at it.
  4. Do not use the dryer. Instead, give the dress shirts a few shake or whips to get rid of the excess water. Then, air-dry them using a plastic or stainless steel hangers. Do not use rusty racks as the rust can stick to your clothes. It will help the dress shirt to straighten as it dries. Alternatively, you can press them immediately after washing.
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