Can You Get Fit Using an Electric Bike

It is no secret that cycling is a superior form of exercise. Unfortunately, too many people still avoid biking because they feel they don’t have the time or energy. A womens or mens e bike could solve the energy problem for many adults. However, when considering the exercise part of bike riding, many people feel that an electric option eliminates the health benefits, but this is an inaccurate assumption for at least five reasons.

1. Comparable Calorie Burn

Most people wrongly assume that an electric bike is entirely self-propelled, meaning the rider does not put in any work to move the bike forward. While some electric models exist that allow riders an automatic option, most are hybrid or pedal-assist, meaning the operator must pedal to gain any significant traction. Therefore, while an e-bike rider may not burn as many calories per hour, the difference is only about 100 calories, with traditional riding burning on average 552 calories and assisted riding burning approximately 444.

2. Increased Motivation to Ride

There is no denying that pedal-assist bicycles require a little less work to operate, but that is not a disadvantage. If the riding experience is more comfortable, people will spend more time on their bikes, going for longer and more involved rides. If anything, the best women electric bike or men’s bike motivates people to be more active and to explore. The increase in activity means that electric bikes have the opportunity to be more effective exercise machines than regular bikes.
3. Accessibility to All Levels of Riders

In most cycling conversations, seniors are left out of the discussion because they are not always capable of going on lengthy rides. A hybrid bike levels the playing field for all levels of riders. Now, if a senior wants to join a twenty-mile charity ride or some other biking event, they can because they have a piece of equipment that reduces some of the burden and anxiety around such an expedition.

4. Availability of Options

Purchasing an electric bike does not mean you can only ride with the electronic assist. You can choose when you want help and when you would prefer to do the pedaling yourself. Therefore, when you want to put in a good workout, turn off the pedal-assist and grind it out, but when you’re ready to head home and have a relaxing ride, crank on the assist.

5. Ease and Enjoyment of Rides

The key to a healthy exercise routine is finding one that gives you joy while making you push yourself. Cycling is an excellent option for cardiovascular exercise that is both tough and fun. Electric bikes are not about eliminating the benefits of cycling as an exercise; they are designed to allow a greater scope of people to partake.
In answer to the original question, yes, you can get fit while using an electric bike for all the reasons mentioned above and more. Contact a local bicycle shop to discuss the specifics of electric and hybrid bikes, and schedule a test ride if available.

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