Can you Escape from “Escape rooms”?

Need adrenaline rush in your otherwise mundane life?

Head to your nearest escape rooms.

Escape rooms offer you the best fun of getting locked up in a room, and you are welcome to reveal your passion for taking on and solving challenges. An escape room is a theme-based game room for entertainment that offers challenges, fun puzzles, riddles, surprises that the players must solve in order to escape from the room. The players should unlock the door and “escape” using their cognitive and logical skills. The number of players may vary from game to game. Your communication and collaboration techniques decide your success in the escape rooms.

Escape Hour: the newest craze

Escape Hour is a European based company that has gained widespread interest and positive reception within a short period in the United States. The way the rooms are built and the puzzles are made in their business model makes them stand out in the industry. Escape Hour welcomes a sophisticated audience or escapes room enthusiasts to take the gaming challenge and enjoy an authentic experience from high-quality craftsmanship. Unique escape games of Escape Hour are custom made into different stages, making it suitable for players of all age groups.

Escape Hour Locations

The surreal experience of escape rooms is provided by Escape Hours in two significant locations- Calgary and Edmonton.

Escape Hour is the highest-rated escape room Calgary which offer professional ambience and experience. In our escape rooms, fun and safety have been the top-most priority. Escape room Calgary and Escape room Edmonton are all about creating lasting memories and enhancing the consumer experience. Each room is dedicated to attentive game masters to ensure ample undivided attention. The game masters provide you clues whenever you need them and help you to succeed in the challenges. If you’re wondering what kind of escape room is best for you, check out LockBusters today.

Exclusive for Escape Hour

  • Amusing Puzzles

Different types of puzzles are provided for the consumers so that they can encounter with something different and unique among the many. The puzzles in our escape rooms could be easy, challenging, or even logic-defying, depending upon the interest and ability of the consumer. It may relate to the theme of the room or can be random. The puzzles in our escape rooms are things we see everywhere, but with a different outlook.

  • Quality of the room

Neither escape room Calgary nor escape room Edmonton compromises in the quality of the room. The team of Escape Hour has designed the room to be either simple, well-organized or a messy room with broken parts and items with all the extraordinary effects. Everything will exceptionally fit the theme and the period. The effort, time and resources they put into the escape room make it an unparalleled one.

  • Immersion

When you are in the escape room Calgary, you feel like you are living in the experience, notably the historical setting. Rather than just going to a place and play the game passively, Escape Hour make you enclosed into the story and play the role at its best level.

  • Robustness

Escape Hour ensures that the escape rooms have more than enough activities and games for everyone throughout the day, to keep them busy. When too many people come together in a room, some might have bad experiences which destroy the image of the company itself. Irrespective of the number of people and how they used it, Escape Hour, makes sure that their room has all elements, including fun puzzles and surprises with adventurous and alluring challenges.

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