Can You Eat Healthy at a Sandwich Shop?

A sandwich isn’t exactly the first thing that will come to mind if you want to eat healthy. The thought alone that it comes with bread tends to scare some people away.

However, did you know that it’s possible for a meat sandwich to only contain 217 to 252 calories? It all really depends on the ingredients used. And as the restaurant industry is now also redefining what a sandwich is, you won’t be hard pressed to find low carb sandwiches in menus.

So when it comes to the possibility of eating healthy at a sandwich shop, it’s highly likely. You just need to know what you should get to make sure that your meal will only contain the good stuff.

How do you do this, exactly? We’ve made you a quick guide in navigating the healthy areas of the menus of different sandwich chains:

Jimmy John’s

This sandwich chain may have one of the most fast food-y sounding names out there but it doesn’t mean that they don’t serve healthy grub. In fact, their “Unwich” is well-loved by many health buffs and dieters.

Why? The concept behind the Unwich is so ridiculously simple but also so effective in taking down the calorie count of their food. All they really did is offer their regular menu in lettuce instead of bread. Doing this allowed them to slash up to 80% of calories from their sandwiches without depriving their diners of their favorite combinations.

So if you have a favorite sandwich at Jimmy John’s but you want a healthier version for your lunch, you can make it an Unwich and feel better about your choices. A pro-tip to keep in mind, however, is to double up on the lettuce wrap. This will add more crunch to your Unwich and keep it in good shape.


First timers might find ordering at Subway a bit overwhelming since there are quite a lot of options and substitutions are allowed but don’t fret. If you want to eat healthy here, there are lots of obvious options. Such picks will let you make healthy options without too much fuss.

What are these menu items that you should consider? First off, take a look at their Fresh Fit Choices. Composed of 8 six-inch subs options that are packed with protein and veggies and gathered up in whole grains, you don’t have to do mental math if you want to keep your sandwich’s calorie count low.

Jersey Mike’s

Speaking of options, Jersey Mike’s tend to offer a lot more of it in terms of format. This chain has offerings that’s some sort of a cross between Subway and Jimmy John’s because they offer four ways to enjoy their sandwiches. You can get your subs in the mini, regular, and giant sizes but you can also opt to make it a wrap or a tub. A wrap uses tortillas while a tub basically ditches breads altogether and just puts the filling in a bowl. These two will be your best bets if you want to cut down the calorie count of your order.

The thing, however, with Jersey Mike’s subs is that they aren’t very conscious about being healthy. They’re loaded with sodium and sugar which might explain why people think their offerings taste better than Subway’s.

In any case, if you want to eat healthy at Jersey Mikes, go for the Turkey and Provolone or the Ham and Provolone. If you’re going to get a tub, opt for the olive oil and oregano dressing.


This chain offers a lot more than just sandwiches but since it all started with a single type of sandwich, we’re still counting it in. Unfortunately, the Original muffuletta sandwich isn’t a healthy pick but the ones that are lower in calories are still just as satisfying.

So instead of opting for the ones with toasted buns, you might want to opt for the Fresh Veggie Sandwich, Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich, or the Parmesan Chicken Caesar Wrap instead.

Jason’s Deli

Hailed as one of the healthiest fast food restaurants in the US, Jason’s Deli is definitely a great stop if you want a great sandwich that won’t hurt your diet. Their dedication to organic ingredients definitely make them a great choice for health-conscious diners. It also guarantees that you’ll have lots of tasty but healthy menu options.

What should you get? Their Spinach Veggie Wrap is hailed as the best healthy sandwich on the menu. However, you can also build your own sandwich with an organic whole-wheat wrap as a base. With the wide range of ingredients they have in store, you definitely won’t run out of options.

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