Can wearing reading glasses ruin your vision?

This is one of the common questions that is being asked by many prescription glasses users whether wearing reading glasses is going to ruin their vision.   Surely, the answer is NO. How can something that is devised to correct the vision problems is going to harm the eyes in any way? This is absolutely a wrong thought and myth that is associated with the readers.

Let me clarify this in detail.  The reading glasses are crafted to correct farsightedness and Presbyopia. In both the conditions, the user is unable to view objects that are kept at close by distance. However, the difference is that farsightedness is caused due to change in the shape of the lens of the eyes irrespective of age but generally in young age. Whereas, Presbyopia is caused while attaining the 40s when the lens of the eyes becomes weak and inflexible because of old age.  In both cases, readers are the only non-medical solution for correcting vision disorder.

Now the question arises, can wearing reading glasses ruin your vision?

The answer is absolutely not.  If you suffer from long-sightedness and in your early teens and young age, then you need not wear reading glasses, except when you are reading, knitting, working on the computer, viewing mobile phone etc. Secondly, if your prescription is too strong then it is alright to wear reader the entire day, with some caution as in while climbing stairs, walking on the road etc.

If you have presbyopia the best thing is to wear prescription readers the entire day to prevent the eyes from getting strained and weak furthermore.

In any case, if you feel stress, pain or teary eyes, then it is better to remove your glasses for some time and relax your eyes. However, if the problem still persists, it is better to consult your optometrist or eye specialist.

Besides, if you work on computers regularly for extended hours, then it is better to go for blue light glasses i.e. the coating that blocks blue light from entering your eyes while you wear readers and other prescription eyeglasses.

When reading glasses can be harmful?

  1. There are certain cases wherein reading glasses can be harmful to your eyes when:
  2. You are buying prescription glasses online from the manufacturer that is not reliable and provide sub-standard glasses
  3. The cheap reading glasses are bought from the street corners or stores that deal in selling eyeglasses without testing the eyes, such as over the counter readers.
  4. When the prescription of the lens does not match with the prescription provided by the optometrist
  5. The quality of the lens material is poor and at the same time the focal point is crafted at the wrong points
  6. You wear reading glasses with the wrong prescription since ages without getting your eyes tested to find out any variation in the prescription. Moreover, the old glasses are prone to have scratches in them, which may further deteriorate the vision.

Should you buy cheap reading glasses when you are buying prescription glasses online?

Again, we would suggest when you buy cheap reading glasses then consider that they are cheap in terms of money without compromising on the quality of the material.  Therefore, it is alright to select cheap reading glasses when you are buying prescription glasses online or offline, provided the manufacturer is a trusted one, and expert in providing the best glasses that match with the world-class standards.

We highly recommend buying prescription glasses online from Specscart as they manufacture eyeglasses in their own state of the art laboratory while observing the highest manufacturing standard. Moreover, every pair of eyeglasses goes through three steps of quality check before it is delivered.


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