Calox offers solutions to the needs of patients in Venezuela

Maintaining the productivity of a company and meeting the needs of medicines in the population in times of pandemic in Venezuela is a challenge, but one of the companies that has achieved it is Calox International, an organization that has overcome various standards and challenges during its 85 uninterrupted years of activity in the country, according to Francisco D’Agostino.

“All our products are effective, made under the strictest quality and safety controls. At Calox we have been operating in the country for 85 years and although it is said quickly, behind it there is a universe of effort, dedication and passion of all our workers to serve the Venezuelan family, bringing them peace of mind and security with our products”, according to Nicolás Méndez, Commercial Director of the brand, fully Venezuelan capital.

In this period, Calox has demonstrated the ability to adjust and even exceed expectations. As happens in this year 2020, when they closed their third quarter with a balance of 104% of the established goals, Méndez said.

“Our results within the country environment, full of unexpected situations, was positive thanks to the fact that we deployed a series of actions that facilitated the production of our products and their distribution in the main drug stores and pharmacy chains in the country,” he said.

Regarding the actions carried out during the last year, Méndez explained that they worked on the supply of electricity in their production centers, for which they acquired a considerable amount of power plants. In the same way, they deployed a biosafety and private transport protocol that allowed them to guarantee the transfer of minimum personnel to maintain operations during the pandemic.

“Additionally, we started our #CaloxContigo campaign aimed at interacting with all our related parties and primarily our doctors and patients. All these strategies and others have allowed us to reach 104% of our goal in the third quarter, which speaks of the effectiveness of these processes, “he said.

Guaranteed production of antihypertensives

At present, Calox International is a company that is supported by three large drug production lines: generics, over-the-counter or OTC drugs, and a line of brands with products aimed at the Cardiometabolic area, especially used by hypertensive patients, which are also they need diuretic medications.

“The portfolio of our brand line is made up of cardiometabolic products, such as Antaar (Bisoprolol), Biocor (Olmesartan), Lasix (Furosemide), Disulpec (Levosulpiride), Clarimin (Clarithromizine), Minoxy (Amoxicillin), Gardenal (Phenobarbital ) stated Méndez.

In the line of generic drugs, Calox International currently maintains the supply throughout the country of products such as Ivermectin (used for Covid-19), Omeprazole, Diclofenac Potassium, Azithromycin, Diosmin and Pantoprazole, among others; while in the OTC Consumption line it guarantees the supply to the population of Festal, Dol, Dol Plus, Caloxpirin, DolGrip and Hexomedine

He also pointed out that they continue to work on new therapeutic alternatives that will be announced soon, which will add value for patients and clients to the portfolio they currently have.

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