Bypassing SMS Verification: How Temporary Phone Numbers Can Make Your Life Easier

These days it is impossible to take full advantage of opportunities offered by the internet without using various online services. Billions of people use Facebook, Telegram, Gmail, and other platforms on a daily basis. However, occasionally, registering for them becomes an issue as some websites and apps require verifying a mobile phone number. Many people find it complicated or not even possible to do so as they don’t have an available phone number or would like to remain private and not disclose it. Online phone numbers completely solve this problem.

Reasons to use online numbers

The demand for these numbers is rising daily as more and more internet users find them to be an effective feature in many different cases.

First of all, they are a great solution when it is necessary to create additional accounts on the same website or app that requires number verification via SMS for each new profile. In this case, online phone numbers eliminate the need to purchase expensive SIM cards in bulk and save a lot of time as they are used via specialized platforms on the web. They also allow the creation of literally infinite number of accounts because there are no quantitative limitations on their use.

Secondly, using online numbers will be very useful for those who wish to maintain their privacy on the internet. It is not necessary to provide any personal information to buy an online phone number. So, they don’t disclose it in any way, while having a fixed location at the same time, which means that it is impossible to find out where their user is actually located.

But the most crucial reason to use such numbers is that they are the only currently available tool for bypassing SMS verification online. Whether it is necessary to do this because you don’t want to use your own mobile phone number or it is issued in a country that is not supported by a particular service, there is no other way.

Main advantages

The list of benefits of online numbers is made up of many points. Even though every person uses them for different purposes, there are main advantages that are worth attention regardless of the situation. Without their synergy, online phone numbers wouldn’t be the powerful solution to a wide range of issues that they are today. Those are as follows:

  • Low price;
  • Remote purchase and activation;
  • No quantitative limits on the use per user;
  • Total confidentiality;
  • Opportunity to get numbers from other countries.

In summary, online numbers come in handy for a variety of circumstances. The greatest thing about them, though, is that the user isn’t required to be highly tech-savvy or have some special knowledge or education to operate them. It takes a few minutes to do.

How to use numbers for bypassing SMS verification?

Until a few years ago, the industry was represented by a limited number of providers. However, over time, there appeared many new companies that provide online phone numbers. Nowadays everyone can easily operate them thanks to more than a hundred different websites and apps. There is only one thing to keep in mind: not every platform from those that offer the opportunity to use online numbers has high-quality solutions, not to mention pricing thing. This means that the choice must be made carefully, especially for newcomers.

SMS-Man is one of those services that embody every positive aspect of the industry. They have both disposable and long-term numbers at affordable prices. There are also more than a hundred countries available to choose from when deciding where online phone numbers will be issued. You can even use a very rare China phone number with them.

Moreover, their numbers can be used to sign up for a few thousand different websites and apps. There is a wide list of supported platforms, including not only popular but also local services. Follow the next steps to take advantage of what this company offers:

  1. Sign up for
  2. Use a convenient method from the payment page to recharge your balance.
  3. Open the main page of the service and select the country from which the online number should come.
  4. Find the required website or app on the next tab.
  5. Purchase the number.

The most difficult part is done. Now just use the received online number to register with the required platform. It is operated in the same way as a standard mobile phone number, so it is less likely to cause any difficulties. Nothing further needs to be done.

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