Business Language: What Languages Are the Most Marketable

As people of various races and nationalities collide closer in a more interconnected world, learning a second or third language has been given more importance than ever before. Especially in the corporate world, those who know a language or two, apart from their native tongue, can be an instrument to expand business markets.

According to statistics, there are more than 500,000 job postings for bilingual people at least 5 years ago. Knowing the rapid escalation of globalization, the number of jobs offered to multi-lingual individuals may have increased.

As borders grow thin in the international arena, businesses tend to look for individuals who know how to be competitive in this era. There are tons of languages in the whole world, but there are three notable languages that are more marketable than others.


Mandarin ranks as the top-most spoken language in the world. This statistic is based on the population of native speakers, and it is not much of a surprise since China is the most populated country in the world.

However, regardless of such fact, the Chinese industry still remains to be one of the most fast-developing and rapidly expanding markets in the international business. At this age of modernity, every global aiming company either maintains or aims a connection with this country.

When doing business with China, learning over 5000 characters and more than 10,000 words is a lot of time consumption. Since Chinese is a difficult language, most companies hire fluent individuals that can help in the process of transactions.


Spanish is also one of the most used languages in the world. Apart from the 500 million native speakers, the US market is also filled with Spanish speakers.

Individuals who are fluent in this language have a higher chance of getting hired than an average adult who has credentials. Many employers are eager to work with someone who at least knows conversational Spanish -if not fluent individuals.

However, the demand for Spanish speakers in the commercial market has been dwindling recently due to the overwhelming supply of those who learn the language. The popularity of the language in universities may have their own backlash.

Nonetheless, it is still one of the most profitable languages since the Spanish market is not dwindling. Still, it is smart to learn Spanish when aiming to work in a specific region filled with Spanish speakers


Between the 18th and 20th centuries, English takes a toll on being a widely spoken language – if not the most. Several experts consider the fact that regardless if the language doesn’t have many native speakers, it is still the lingua franca of traveling and conduct of business.

Many other countries teach English as a second language, even at a public school. As a result, many tourists use English when traveling. More so, people who are fluent in English are deemed to be more eloquent, considering that they are foreign speakers.

While the presence of America is slowly being challenged by rising commercial markets in Asia, the demand for fluent English speakers in the market is still at high stake. Being fluent in English allows an individual to have an intellectual upper hand in the market.


Learning a language is not easy. A language is not only a group of words or characters, but it is a whole different type of culture that the learning individual should also be familiar with.

While learning how to speak a language is a tough job, writing is also an issue. Most business translators start their tasks by making business letters or proposals. One thing to remember in the making of such documents is to keep them clear and concise.

Being familiar with an online word count tool that can help assess the brevity of the article is a necessity. May it be in writing or speaking, it is essential for multi-lingual personalities to pack themselves with any software that can assist them in their language career.

In conclusion, languages globalize interaction. Witnessing an interaction between two cultures is already an exceptional experience. However, being able to bridge two cultures in a transaction is on a whole different level.

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