Budget-Friendly Ways To Update Your Garden

Your garden should be a relaxing, vibrant place for you to chill out with your friends and family. If it begins to look uncared for or tired, it can become an unappealing place to be. Below, we explore some budget-friendly ways for you to update and improve your garden with.

Build a fire pit

A fire pit can keep you warm and cosy late into the evening in your garden – even during spring! If you fancy enjoying this toasty atmosphere you can either have a special fire pit installed, or you can save money and make your own DIY one.

Paint a statement wall

If you want to add a splash of colour to your garden and make it more vibrant, then a statement wall could be ideal. Just pick a lacklustre exterior wall and give it a fresh lick of paint in a bold hue. Remember, different colours evoke different moods, so pick something that fits the atmosphere you’re hoping for.

Add more colourful plants

One way to upgrade your garden is to brighten up your selection of plants. Try picking flowers that add new colours and textures to your garden. It can be difficult to work out what ones to go for, but by visiting your local garden centre, or by searching for exotic plants that work in a mild climate you can find some new plants for your garden.

Upgrade the lighting

Adding lights to your garden can create a magical or soothing atmosphere. By going for outdoor solar garden lights you can make your garden feel like a more inviting and exciting space. Try placing your lights at different heights to create a more textured feel to the garden.

Upcycle pallets or old furniture – or even tyres!

If you want to upgrade your furniture in the garden, you can try upcycling. This is where you purchase old or worn-out pallets and tables and refurbish them. You’ll likely need an angle grinder to remove rust and some new paint to freshen up the furniture, but this can be a satisfying project once you’re finished.

Build a bird feeder

Encouraging nature in your garden can be truly rewarding. And one of the best ways to do this is by building a bird feeder. By following an online guide, you should be able to construct an ornate feeder that brings all sorts of different birds into your garden.

Upgrading your garden doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise. By following the advice above, you should be able to refresh your garden and make it an inviting and exciting space to relax in once again.

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