Brian Ferdinand: Hotel vs. Corporate Unit for Business Travel

You’re ready to break out of your office cubicle and start experiencing the world on a whole new level—at least temporarily. Going on a business trip is one of the best ways to achieve this experience. However, your choice of accommodation can either make or break this experience, according to a recently published article on ways to make travel more comfortable. In this article, SoBeNY Managing Partner Brian Ferdinand shares why booking corporate housing units should be part of every person’s traveling “rituals” to ensure that they have the best travel experiences possible. Get detailed information about the factors that greatly impact the satisfaction of your employees, on this website:

Why Not Hotels?

According to Brian Ferdinand in the article, hotels are a cause for concern due to the current coronavirus pandemic worldwide. In hotels, you may find it challenging to avoid large crowds of individuals and areas featuring high traffic. These areas include, for example, laundry rooms, vending areas, fitness rooms, hotel lobbies, and even restaurants. Unfortunately, this increases your risk of developing the COVID-19 infection.

In addition, many modern hotels don’t offer the amenities and level of comfort that travelers—especially business travelers—are looking for. That’s because accommodations that feel like studio apartments aren’t conducive to resting and relaxing for long periods, especially over the course of several weeks.

Instead, they are designed more for travelers who want to take quick showers, sleep a little, and then head out for busy days for a week or two. Learn more about Hotel vs. Corporate Unit for Business Travel at

Why Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is designed to pick up the slack left behind by hotels. For instance, corporate units usually offer at least 60% more square footage than rooms in hotels do.

Thus, this type of accommodation comes with the full-sized kitchen and dinner table that many travelers seek. Thus, eating and cooking will always be an option for you—something that isn’t true with many hotel rooms. In addition, you can find corporate housing units with one or even two bedrooms—the perfect setup if you plan to travel for business with your family members in tow. In fact, some corporate units even offer sizable walk-in closet spaces—an amenity you just won’t find in hotels.

All in all, with a corporate housing unit, you can experience a completely new level of comfort compared with what you’d typically find in a hotel room. The right housing provider can help you to choose the perfect unit for your needs from one trip to the next.

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