Boys Haircuts That Will Inspire Your Next Visit to The Barber Shop

The best boys haircuts pair functionality with stylish appearance. While making your kid look cool and feel confident, they give him enough freedom to enjoy his childhood and not to worry about his hair look. The good news is there is a myriad of popular haircuts for boys that will contribute to their stylish look without taking much time and effort.

Why A Short Sides Long Top Hairstyle Is Your Go-To Option

One of the most popular boys haircuts trends is a short sides long top style. While being pretty easy to maintain, it allows for a ton of styling ways. Thus, you can adjust your kid’s hairdo to suit the ambiance and situation. When he is heading to school, style the top in a polished and refined manner using a hair product with a strong hold and matte finish. On the casual weekend, you can allow him to look carefree and effortless, thus simply tousling his locks on top with a hand.

So that your boy’s hair looks bold and stylish, consider giving him a trendy and pronounced cut. A crop top enhanced with a taper fade on the sides and back is a great option for him. Thanks to the striking difference in length, you easily achieve high contrast and sharp appearance while the tapered sides help to keep the focus on the prominent top. To give your child’s hairstyle a finishing touch, define it with a line-up around the forehead and temples. This simple yet salient element will give the hairstyle a distinctive outline and boost its edginess.


A Trendy Faux Hawk Will Unleash Your Boy’s Inner Rock Star

Do you feel like your little fella is ready to embrace his inner rocker? Then why don’t go for a faux hawk haircut? What makes it different from a classic mohawk is that you do not have to shave off all the hair from the sides. Rather, you can cut it pretty short while leaving a narrow strip of long hair in the middle of the head, which will be shaped into a crest later on. Thus, the final look comes out pretty suitable for most occasions, even for school with not very strict dress code rules.

Even though this hair look does require pretty much styling and quite a lot of upkeep, all the effort fully pays off with tons of complements your kid will get left, right and center. So, you will need to stock up on a strong hold hair product, a round brush and a powerful blow dryer to give your boy’s crest the desired shape and secure it in place. First, you need to make his locks damp with several spritzes of water. Then, rub a blob of the product between your palms and apply it to the hair on top. Next, pull it up using the brush and dry it with a hairdryer. Finally, push the strands together at a subtle angle so that the crest looks pointy, resembling a real mohawk.

One of the biggest advantages of this haircut is that this is not the only way to style it. The crest can be easily transformed into a sleek comb over or brushed back hairdo. Thus, it is suitable for both every day and special occasions.

The Right Accents Will Not Let Short Slick Back Hairstyle Look Boring

It is never too early to instill a sense of style in your kid. That said, you can start with an elegant and sophisticated hair look, such as a short slick back style. Apart from having a dapper appearance, it also helps to tame your kid’s unruly locks no matter what hair texture he has. Besides, there are plenty of ways to pull off this hairdo. The most popular and trendy of them entail complementing the smooth, stiff top with a daring cut on the back and sides. Hence, if your champ is not afraid to stand out in the crowd, opt for a high skin fade for an ultimately bold look. Even though it already puts much emphasis on the top, that may still seem like not enough for you. If that is the case, it is a good idea to adorn the look with a hard part as well as a joint temple and eyebrow design.

Once your kid gets this jaw-dropping cut, you may not worry about styling. Simply apply a generous amount of a hair styling product to the locks up top and comb them back. For an added texture, choose a fine-tooth comb.

On that note, when choosing from a plethora of various boys haircuts the one that would suit him perfectly, it is important to take into account such factors as your kid’s lifestyle, personal preferences and hair texture. While there may be many styles that match these characteristics, you should always make sure that the cut is easy to style and maintain.

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