Bored From The Regular Job and Thought To Do A Startup? Know How Can You Find a Name For Your Company?

‘Beep…Beep…Beep…’ The alarm beeps on every Monday Monday morning after a lonesome weekend, which you used to get some rest for the next week’s drilling. And one sudden day, you start watching influencers or are influenced by your own motivation to start a business of your own. You decide to turn your corporate career into an entrepreneurial one. That’s a great idea, no doubt in that. Now you start thinking about the niche of service/product your business will be established around. Suddenly, everything will be clear after churning of a dozen thoughts. And now you have to decide the name of your company, that establishes a brand and the company’s place on a pedestal. Most people get stuck here, that’s why we are here, to find company name, which is perfect for your company. Let’s dive straight in, what are you waiting for?

What’s there in the Name? Everything.

It was about a hundred or so years ago when Shakesphere wrote ‘What’s in a name?’. At that time, the name did not hold much importance. But today is different. This is the era of the internet. The era of SEO and search engine results in page’s rankings, where being on top, and being visible to your potential customer matters. For being visible, you need yourself to find company name which best suits your nature of service and all the other aspects of your business. The name of your company will be equivalent to laying the foundation of your company’s branding. Branding holds an important factor in your business evolution, which will attract more and more potential customers and hence you will be able to generate more and more revenues.

Creative and Easy To Spell.

By now, we have understood the importance of your upcoming company’s name. Now we need to understand what should your perfect name look like? Well, it should be attractive, and a trendy one. The name of your company is your company’s first impression when some customer of yours talk about you with their friends. So the name should be creative, easy to spell and easy to remember. We do not want your clients or may-be-future clients figuring out the spelling of your company’s name and Googling, again and again, thinking this was a company with a great reputation, that we heard about. That will take quite a toll on your reputation, and it might buzz off clients in the slimmest chance of dismay. So before this affects your brand’s reputation, start brainstorming and find a catchy name which is easy to remember and easy to spell, something which holds the capacity to sensate a new trend in the market, and make your company an overnight success.

Don’t pick a name that could be limiting as your business grows.

When we talk of entrepreneurship and business, growth always follows if you’re fully dedicated, and we believe you will be fully dedicated. Growth will not be limited to revenues generated, but growth will also mean the expansion of your empire. That is why you need to find company name which you won’t regret finding after some 5-10 years when your company evolves into a much bigger firm. With growth, your nature of service will also grow, you will push certain boundaries and you will step into some new businesses and service niches. So for the upcoming scenario, and keeping a visionary about the future, you need to find a name which doesn’t hold too much for your start up’s service niche. Yes, it should absolutely point towards your initial service niche, but it shouldn’t be holding too much weight for your initial grinding. We suggest you so because once someone put in the effort and hard work, growth follows. And changing your company’s name is not really a sound idea and it gives a dull reputation to your clients and to the market. So the best-case scenario for your company is to find company name which is a perfect blend of two things – something that revolves around your present service/product, and something which holds the visionary for the future.

Choose a meaningful name.

After all these steps of how to find the perfect name for your start-up company, we should never forget the topmost rule – choose a meaningful name. Well, it sounds too simple, but it isn’t simple to think or follow. Well, you won’t want your clients boggling their minds that what the company’s name means? That’s why do not end up being irrelevant while trying to sound unusual and trendy. After all, naming a company’s no piece of cake and that’s why you needed our professional help. Go ahead and brainstorm an epic branding sensation. Thank us later. Happy naming…!!

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